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Chapter 1994: 1994
Chapter 1994: Self-sentimental (3)

“If I really win you, what will you say about that?”

Hearing that, Shu Yali finally stopped laughing as she turned her head back and looked at her suspiciously, “You… what trickery are you up to now?”

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders and said, “What other things could I possibly come out with? I only want to remind you not to be too full with your words, in case you overturn your boat like the last time . It wouldn’t be worth it to be slapped hard on the face again…”

She spoke gently as her sweet voice sounded melodious even though she was making out threatening words .

However, this tone made Shu Yali feel even more uncomfortable instead!

Thinking of the last time when she completely lost to Huang Yueli, her heart hurt so much as though it was on fire .

“Stop right there!” She moved forward once more and stopped Huang Yueli, “Do you really think that you are able to win? Do you dare to have another bet with me again?”

Huang Yueli stopped her footsteps, “Bet again? Are you certain?”

Shu Yali was actually feeling a little apprehensive because the previous time, Huang Yueli also used the same kind of tone with this kind of indifferent look .

Back then, she felt that Huang Yueli was certain to lose but in the end, the other party was just pretending to be a boar to eat the tiger, scamming her viciously!

Then this time…

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Shu Yali bit her lips hard, “I’m certain! This time round it depends on a Pill Master’s real skill, you’ll lose for certain! Later, I also want you to lower your head and apologize to me, admitting that you can’t be compared to me!”

“Then what if I win?”

“If you win, I will stop being a Pill Master anymore!” Shu Yali was agitated and the words shot out of her mouth!

Huang Yueli laughed and said, “There’s no need to do that . Your pill refining innate talent is not so bad so wouldn’t it be a waste to not be a Pill Master? If you lose, no matter what rank Pill Master you become in future, half of the medicinal pills you refine in future must be given to me free-of-charge as compensation, how about that?”

When Shu Yali heard that, she sneered, “Your idea isn’t too bad, intending to let me refine pills for you for free? Too bad… . it’s all daydreaming!”

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“Then… . we shall agree on this!”

Huang Yueli didn’t make any more explanations as she smiled and turned to leave .

From the other Pill Masters’ conversations, she had already heard that Shu Yali only managed to harvest fifteen stalks of medicinal herbs, so she definitely could not match up to her .

Even though she didn’t know why she could harvest that many, but only a fool would not take advantage so she naturally wouldn’t let such a good chance go .

In such an easy and simple way, a free indentured labour has been lured into her hands!

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The both of them entered the main hall one after another .

A middle aged steward dressed in a grey long robe was already waiting impatiently and on seeing them, he immediately asked, “Are these the last two? Now everyone is finally all here!”

Shu Yali automatically walked up to welcome him as she said, “Master Steward, everyone is here so may I ask who is the number one place for this round and has that person managed to satisfy Divine Doctor Dai? Does that person have any qualification to stay back to be the apprentice?”

The middle aged steward’s expression was very strange, “Apprentice? What joke are you cracking? This time round, among everyone in this batch, someone is running high on luck! Divine Doctor Dai had personally witnessed the fruits of your harvest and was so happy that he’s going amok . There’s a peerless genius here with an extremely high pill refining innate talent, and the future for that person is incomparable to Divine Doctor Liu! He specially asked me to bring her over, preparing to take her in as his direct disciple!”


Hearing that, everyone revealed an astonished look, and at the same time, everyone shot their gazes over to Shu Yali .