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Chapter 1992
Chapter 1992: Self-sentimental (1)

“Feng… President Feng, this… what’s going on exactly?” Steward Qin was a little apprehensive as he asked carefully .

When Feng Zhensheng saw his look, his anger just suddenly rose up!

He gave Steward Qin a fierce stare, “You… you’re really a dumbass! Do you know that the medicinal herbs in the jade box had been switched by someone? It’s not a pile of weeds stored inside, but forty over stalks of high levelled Drought Land Pearl Lotuses?”

Steward Qin’s mouth opened agape as he was tongue tied, “Wh… What? How could that be possible? Although… although I didn’t see her do the harvesting with my own eyes, but I’m certain that she had not left Divine Doctor Dai’s small courtyard so even if she wanted to engage in this fraudulent activity, there’s no chance for her to leave and look for those medicinal herbs? Forty over stalks of Drought Land Pearl Lotuses, surely that’s not something which is easy to find anywhere right?”

Feng Zhensheng also knew this point but other than Huang Yueli switching these medicinal herbs sneakily, he simply couldn’t think of any other possibility .

Feng Xiaoyan was even more miserable than anyone else . She was injured because of Huang Yueli twice previously and had finally managed to recuperate slightly but in order to make Huang Yueli run into bad luck, she braced herself to go knock against the jade boxes, hence inflicting serious injury once again onto herself .

But in the end?

Not only did she not manage to stir up anything, instead it even allowed that wretched lass to obtain such a huge advantage!

“How do you know that she hasn’t left the small courtyard? Anyway, that Pearl Lotuses in the number eight jade box is something that everyone saw so it would absolutely not be wrong! Haven’t you seen the euphoric Divine Doctor Dai was? Ughh! What a complete bungler you are!”

Feng Zhensheng was trembling as he shouted, so infuriated that he could barely stop himself from punching Steward Qin .

Maybe it’s because both Feng Xiaoyan father-daughter duo’s gazes were too ferocious looking and too frightening, Steward Qin trembled as he heard fear in his heart .

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The Alchemist Guild’s Headquarters’ President had a huge amount of power and his entire family was staying within the Alchemist Guild to make a living . Offending the President and his daughter would absolutely result in a miserable endinging .

Moreover, that seemingly dignified and virtuous Eldest Young Miss Feng, was actually a vicious and sinister person on the dark side .

Right at this moment, he was feeling extremely regretful…

Suddenly Steward Qin’s mind flashed past a thought as he hurriedly said, “Wait, wait, both of you… will both of you don’t throw your tempers first! Things aren’t as bad as what you expected . I still have a way to expose that little slut’s real face!”

Feng Xiaoyan was already planning to drag this fellow who had spoiled their plans to be beaten to death but upon hearing this, she looked over suspiciously .

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“What idea? If you come out with some lousy ideas again, don’t blame me for being vicious and merciless!”

Steward Qin wiped the sweat off his head, “Yes, yes, this idea should be effective, will Eldest Young Miss please inspect… . . ”

“Really? This Young Lady will believe you once again . Tell us your idea?”

“Yes! President Feng, Eldest Young Miss, think about it . Although we don’t know what method that Bai Ruoli used to change the medicinal herbs to deceive Divine Doctor Dai, but she doesn’t have any pill refining innate talent at all and that chinches it . Someone fake, will absolutely not be real…”

“There’s nothing wrong in putting it like this, then… what plan do you have to expose her?”

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Steward Qin’s voice was suppressed even lower .

“I have an idea…”

In the room where the apprentices-in-waiting were staying .

Huang Yueli casually flipped a medical book and after reading it for a while, she prepared to take a rest earlier .

Alas, she had just laid down when a shuffle of clamouring came from outside, which made her unable to sleep .