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Chapter 1989: 1989
Chapter 1989: Who is this genius? (4)

When Dai Boqi heard that it was Feng Zhensheng who spoke out, he finally gave him some face as he frowned and asked, “President Feng, how do you explain this now?”

Feng Zhensheng’s thoughts raced swiftly and cleared his throat as he said, “Divine Doctor Dai, Xiaoyan’s suspicions are very logical . Think about it, these few jade boxes are arranged according to serial numbers and are in accordance with the apprentice’s selection assessment results . Logically speaking, the medicinal herbs in the number eighth jade box should not be better than the first right?”

Dai Boqi replied disapprovingly, “Just this? Hasn’t your own daughter said this herself earlier? Some people might not be apt in theoretical papers but their practical standard could be very high, hence she wanted me to take a look at the last three jade boxes, wasn’t it? It’s all thanks to Young Miss Feng, if not for her words, I might miss such a peerless genius . Just thinking about it makes me feel regretful!”

When Feng Xiaoyan heard that, her chest had a sharp pain and she almost threw up blood again .

This was what’s called to move the rock to smash your own feet . If she had known that that wretched lass Bai Ruoli was so sinister and had long made preparations to fill so many high levelled Drought Land Pearl Lotuses in the box, she would rather die than to say such words!

But unfortunately, the words really came out of her mouth and Dai Boqi even praised her for saying the right thing!

In this way, she had no face to rebuke him, otherwise wouldn’t it be akin to slapping herself?

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Feng Xiaoyan wasn’t able to say that and Feng Zhensheng was apparently rather embarrassed as he hurriedly coughed a few times to cover up before he spoke out again, “Cough cough, this… what you said is right too! But this matter is still rather suspicious! These Drought Land Pearl Lotuses grades are a little too fine, even the harvesting success rate is so high, almost chasing up to Divine Doctor Liu! It’s said that Divine Doctor Liu is the Number One pill refining genius in Soaring Heavens Continent for the past thousand years so just how many of such a person like him would there possibly be? It’s such a coincidence that in such a short duration of a few decades that there would be a second person like him?”

When Dai Boqi heard that, he felt unhappy but he could not help but admit that what Feng Zhensheng said seemed to be a little logical .

A peerless genius who was born every one thousand years, would it be possible to have a second one so soon?

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The possibility of this was really very, very small . Moreover these two geniuses were taken in by him, Dai Boqi as their Master?

Such a good thing, was like a cake falling from the sky, which was extremely fascinating .

His brows furrowed even tightly and a deep profound look on thoughts was revealed on his face, “This matter is indeed unusual, but the medicinal herbs which have been picked are genuine… speaking of this, if there’s anyone who, in order to ask me to be their Master, and specially acquired these medicinal herbs, then the amount of money they spend is just too much! This kind of grade of Drought Land Pearl Lotuses, and moreover so many stalks, in Soaring Heavens Continent’s auction, would be able to sell for heavenly price of several millions of high grade spirit jades!”

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What Dai Boqi said was indeed the truth .

If it wasn’t for the fact that they knew Huang Yueli’s other identity, Feng Zhensheng would not believe that anyone was able to spend so much money, just to deceive Dai Boqi for this moment, which might be exposed on the very next day so doing this would result in the losses outweighing the gains .

However, Feng Zhensheng now knew that Huang Yueli held on to Liu Buyan’s identity token and was able to utilise Liu Buyan’s private store .

There were plenty of valuable items inside and any single one item was worth much more than these Drought Land Pearl Lotuses .

To her, spending this amount of money wasn’t a heartache at all!