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Chapter 1990: 1990
Chapter 1990: Who is this genius? (5)

Feng Zhensheng admitted that this was the truth to this matter and he was still racking his brains on how to expose Huang Yueli’s real identity .

“Divine Doctor Dai, I believe that there must be a problem behind this matter so why not let’s verify it first then talk about it . Otherwise, if you rashly take in a disciple only to discover that you’ve been cheated, wouldn’t it cause other people to gossip when they hear about this?”

Dai Boqi’s age was very old and he favoured his face very much so Feng Zhensheng’s words poked his Achilles heel on the spot .

Hence he nodded his head, “Alright then, let’s check through this carefully . Problem is… . where do we start checking from? Or shall we get this apprentice over to question her?”

Feng Zhensheng hurriedly stopped him, “No! We can’t do this at all! Would she personally admit that she is deceiving us?”

Feng Zhensheng was worried that Dai Boqi had always pampered his beloved disciple and if he knew that Huang Yueli was his fiancée, although he would still be angry but on account of Liu Buyan’s face, he might just show mercy and not chase her out of the Alchemist Guild .

In this way, wouldn’t their efforts have gone to naught?

He hurriedly thought of another idea, “I have an idea, aren’t this batch of apprentices under Steward Qin’s charge? These jade boxes containing the medicinal herbs must be retrieved by him as well . Later on, let’s first ask Steward Qin over for questioning first . If there’s any suspicious points, then let’s follow that lead and continue checking, I’m sure we will be able to uncover the truth!”

Dai Boqi nodded his head, “That’s fine as well, then I’ll send someone to get Steward Qin over . ”

Feng Zhensheng hurriedly said, “No need to trouble the guards . I’m feeling a little bored and would like to go out for a walk, I’ll drop by and get Steward Qin over on the way?”

Saying that he turned around and was about to leave the door, thinking to meet Steward Qin first to collude with him to scheme on Huang Yueli!

Whoever knew that in the end, before he could even step out, Steward Qin walked over in quick steps .

Feng Zhensheng was shocked and subconsciously wanted to walk forward to stop Steward Qin .

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Alas, by the time he thought of this, it was already too late .

Dai Boqi’s sharp eyes had already seen Steward Qin and called out for him loudly .

“Steward Qin, you’re just in time! I have something to question you, you must answer me truthfully!”

Steward Qin went into a blank and turned his head back, he happened to see Feng Zhensheng squinting his eyes at him .

He immediately reciprocated, assuming that he had already understood Feng Zhengsheng’s intention as he faced Dai Boqi, “Yes, this subordinate understands, will Old Master please ask . ”

Dai Boqi replied with an “En” and spoke out, “Let me ask you, did you receive the jade boxes personally with your own hands from today’s apprentices-in-waiting?”

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Steward Qin nodded, “That’s right! This subordinate personally saw them bring it over!”

“Then … when they were harvesting these medicinal herbs, were you patrolling the scene as well?” Dai Boqi asked again .

Steward Qin uncontrollably paused for a moment .

According to Dai Boqi’s small courtyard regulations, when the batches of apprentices-in-waiting were working, he should occasionally patrol the area but he was usually skiving on the job so other than announcing the regulations and retrieving the jade boxes, he would never appear at the scene .

But towards this question, he absolutely didn’t dare to tell the truth .

“That’s right, this subordinate often goes around to check!”

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“Then… . when this batch of apprentices are harvesting, did they personally do it on their own? Are there any suspicious points?”

“Steward Qin shook his head, “No…”

“Cough cough!”

Feng Zhensheng finally couldn’t help but started coughing out loudly .