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Chapter 1988: 1988
Chapter 1988: Who is this genius? (3)

This… what on earth had gone wrong?

Shouldn’t there should only be a pile of weeds inside? A trash who had no ounce of pill refining innate talent, facing an entire field of almost withering high levelled medicinal herbs, what tricks could she possibly come out with?

How was it possible that within a blink of an eye, the weeds in the jade box had turned into high quality medicinal herbs?

“Im… Impossible! This absolutely cannot be possible! Divine Doctor Dai, this is absolutely impossible . Don’t be tricked by others, these medicinal herbs… are absolutely fake! It must all be fake!”

Feng Xiaoyan was so anxious as she forgot about all the pain on her momentarily, leaping up into the sky, as she wanted to pounce over .

She stretched out her hand and made a grab for the Pearl Lotuses on the table, after turning it in all directions repeatedly, trying to see if she could find a problem with it .

Because no matter what, she could not believe that Huang Yueli had managed to harvest the medicinal herb completely . From what she saw, this kind of matter absolutely could not happen . Then in this case, it was definitely Huang Yueli who was up to some trickery, in an attempt to cheat the elderly man!

However, no matter how she looked, the stalk in her hand was a perfect grade of Drought Land Pearl Lotus, even more perfect than those which could be auctioned in the market for a heavenly price, as its medicinal herbs didn’t seem to have suffered any damages .

“Impossible… . Impossible… . . ”

Feng Xiaoyan just simply didn’t believe in it and as she was anxious, she wanted to pull apart the Pearl Lotus in her hand .

When Divine Doctor Dai saw that, he pushed her aside while burning with anxiety, and retrieved the stalk of Pearl Lotus with a lightning move of his hand .

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“What are you trying to do? This is a top grade valuable item and with these Pearl Lotuses, I will be able to refine the White Dew Pill completely moulding it into shape! If this were to be damaged by you, are you able to compensate for it?”

Feng Xiaoyan was originally injured hence her body was feeling weak, so how was it possible for her to be able to take on a push from a ninth stage realm practitioner like Divine Doctor Dai, hence she rolled to one side from the push .

She coughed out a mouthful of blood and clutched her chest, feeling that her internal injuries were evidently more serious now .

But Feng Xiaoyan couldn’t care about all these as she hurriedly stood up and tried to climb up .

“Divine Doctor Dai, I really am not trying to create havoc but… but I just can’t bear to see you being cheated by someone else! These Drought Land Pearl Lotuses are absolutely not real! They are absolutely not rare medicinal herbs! I cannot see your entire furnace of medicinal pills being ruined by fake medicinal herbs!”

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“What?? Fake medicinal herbs??”

Hearing this, Dai Boqi indeed suffered a shock from her, as he subconsciously held that medicinal herb to his nose and took a whiff, then using his fingers to gently pick one petal off, putting it into his mouth to try the taste of it .

After that, he stared angrily at Feng Xiaoyan, “What rubbish are you sprouting? Real medicinal herb or fake ones, how could it possibly deceive me? This is the genuine Drought Land Pearl Lotus, with top grade medicinal effects! There is absolutely no issue with this! You don’t know anything yet still dare to talk blindly here? Men, send the guests off!”

Dai Boqi flicked his sleeves and wanted to chase them away .

Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes opened wide, as she was so shocked that she could not say a word more .

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For an experienced Pill Grandmaster like Dai Boqi, it was impossible for him not to be able to verify the authenticity of the medicinal herbs . Since he said that these Drought Land Pearl Lotuses were real, then it would absolutely not be fake!

But Huang Yueli didn’t have any bit of pill refining innate talent at all, which was the truth as well?

Feng Xiaoyan suffered from a severe loss of blood from her heavy injuries and her mind was originally a little muddled so naturally she was not able to think clearly properly .

But Feng Zhensheng suddenly thought of a possibility, and hurriedly butted in .

“Divine Doctor Dai, please wait a moment, there’s something suspicious about this matter!”