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Chapter 1986: 1986
Chapter 1986: Who is this genius? (1)

Feng Xiaoyan hurriedly endured her pain and forcibly opened her mouth to speak out, “Div Divine Doctor Dai, it’s all my fault, earlier… . I lost my footing and banged against this guard . I’m sorry, it’s all my fault that these jade boxes which are used to store the medicinal herbs have been shattered… . . quickly go take a look if these medicinal herbs can still be used? I… I will compensate you…”

Dai Boqi replied disapprovingly, “What’s there here? These medicinal herbs which those fellows harvested, originally not many of them could be used, there’s no need for you to reproach yourself… . Hmm?”

He was saying that and he subconsciously shifted his glance over to the shattered jade boxes .

Dai Boqi merely casted a fleeting glance but just after one look, he couldn’t help but cried out in shock, “This is… . what’s going on?”

Feng Xiaoyan was in so much pain that her brows furrowed tightly, her sight was a little blurry and she couldn’t see the place that was too far away .

But just from Dai Boqi’s tone, a slight smile surfaced on her face and momentarily the part where she was injured on her chest somehow didn’t feel that painful anymore!

Indeed, her hard work had not gone to waste!

After those jade boxes had been shattered, that wretched lass would absolutely be exposed for ruining all those medicinal herbs which she was in charge of!

She had long heard that the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses were the most expensive among this batch of medicinal herbs, moreover Divine Doctor Dai was waiting anxiously for these Pearl Lotuses as he had urgent need for it!

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Now that none of the stalks were harvested and having to replant it would take another half a year or so, it was imaginable just how angry Divine Doctor Dai would be!

However, before Feng Xiaoyan even started to be happy, she heard Dai Boqi’s surprised and joyous voice .

“Heavens! These Drought Land Pearl Lotuses, which box did it drop out from and who harvested them? These qualities, these medicinal effects, this condition… . It’s simply awesome! I have never seen any Drought Land Pearl Lotuses which had grown this well before! Moreover, there are so many stalks! This… . this… how could this be possible? Heavens…”

Dai Boqi spoke out the word Heavens several times, simply submerged in shocking joy until he seemed to have forgotten how to talk .

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Feng Xiaoyan’s mouth opened in disbelief, instinctively feeling that she had developed hallucination .

“No, I must have heard wrongly, it must be because I’m heavily injured so my ears are not clear at all… . the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses’ quality is very good? This is absolutely something which is impossible!”

But when Dai Boqi opened his mouth once again, it completely shattered her idea of deceiving both others and herself .

“I found it! These have all dropped out from the number eight jade box! Number eight jade box! Which apprentice submitted this? Simply… simply too surprising! So Soaring Heavens Continent has such a pill refining genius, and I actually haven’t discovered this fact at all! Quick, quick, go check who this Pill Master is?”

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The guards had never seen him so excited and happy before so they all didn’t dare to dilly dally as they hurriedly ran outside .

Feng Xiaoyan endured her pain as she looked at Dai Boqi .

At this moment, where was the almighty expression on that cold and bad-tempered elderly man’s face? A smile spread over his elderly face, smiling like a chrysanthemum flower, subbing his hands together as he kept on pacing up and down .

“Heavens, this simply is… . joy in a surprise! Quickly help me count, just how many stalks of Drought Land Pearl Lotuses are there here?”

Initially it was the female attendants who knelt down on the ground, picking up the Pearl Lotuses stalk by stalk as they placed it inside the jade box, checking and counting each stalk .

But after a few seconds, Dai Boqi felt that they were too slow and he was burning with anxiety hence he himself squatted on the ground as he started to count .