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Chapter 1987: 1987
Chapter 1987: Who is this genius? (2)

“One stalk, two stalks, three stalks…”

“Eleven stalks, twelve stalks, thirteen stalks… . . ”

“… forty one stalks, forty two stalks, forty three stalks… . . forty eight stalks! A total… . A total of forty eight stalks! This… how is this possible? How could it be? There’s actually so many!!!”

Dai Boqi picked up all the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses that had dropped onto the ground and when he picked the last ten over stalks, his hands were trembling non-stop .

Pill Master’s hands were most stable and no matter under what kind of situation, their hands would absolutely not tremble to such a state . It simply was because… he was really so excited that he was about to faint!

The quantity planted in every single plot of medicine farm was almost certain and no matter the species, the quantity in each plot of medicine farm would all be nine times nine, eighty one stalks . Not one stalk more nor one stalk less .

Hence through the quantity of the harvesting in the jade box, one would be able to find out the success rate of the harvest .

Just like what Dai Boqi said earlier, most Pill Masters were able to exceed harvesting fifty percent or so of medicinal herbs, that would already represent that the person’s Earth attributed innate talent was extremely shocking, at least of ninth grade lower talent . As long as that person’s fire attributed innate talent wasn’t too bad, that person would be able to become at least an eighth ranked Pill Master .

For someone like Liu Buyan who was able to successfully harvest around sixth percent or more of medicinal herbs, one would have the potential to become a ninth ranked Pill Master .

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This jade box which contained the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses had a total of forty eight stalks, which was already a sixty percent success rate, and was comparable with Liu Buyan!

What kind of innate talent does this person have? Ninth grade mid? Or ninth grade upper? Yan’er’s Earth attributed innate talent is ninth grade upper so he must be similar to Yan’er, then he should at least have ninth grade upper innate talent! Heavens! There’s actually such a talented Pill Master and I don’t even know about it! I must take him in as my disciple and teach him personally, absolutely not allowing those mediocre fools to foolishly teach him, delaying his progress!”

Dai Boqi was extremely anxious and couldn’t wait to charge towards this apprentice who harvested the medicine, making him acknowledge him as his Master!

He had thought that such a peerless genius like Liu Buyan could no longer be found in Soaring Heavens Continent . Whoever thought that he had really found another one!

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Actually what Dai Boqi didn’t knew was that when Huang Yueli harvested the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses, it was much more than this quantity as every single stalk seemed to have been picked in complete shape, but as the jade box was too small, she had no choice but to remove a number of it .

Otherwise, the number of Drought Land Pearl Lotuses which were heaped in this box would be much more!

In terms of quantity, it would absolutely make the experienced veteran Pill Grandmaster like Dai Boqi faint with shock .

Feng Xiaoyan and Feng Zhensheng were all dazed by this scene and for a long time, they weren’t able to react in time . Their minds were confused as they watched Dai Boqi walking around, as they thought that they were dreaming .

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Because this matter was just too mysterious .

What kind of innate talent did Huang Yueli have, they themselves knew it all too well . She was merely trash so not to mention what kind of pill refining genius or whatever ninth grade innate talent, she did not even have a single ounce of Profound Energy, which was even worse than an ordinary person’s physique!

Whereas for that number eight jade box, it was submitted through that steward whom they had bribed, as they saw her submission with their own eyes .

The inside of the jade box . . how could it possibly have so many Drought Land Pearl Lotuses in perfect condition? It even made Divine Doctor Dai so agitated from seeing it?