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Published at 1st of January 2021 03:10:06 AM

Chapter 1985: 1985
Chapter 1985: Open the box and take a look (5)

“Wai… wait, don’t go first!”

Feng Xiaoyan turned around and looked towards Dai Boqi, “Divine Doctor Dai, please wait a moment, there’s still three jade boxes which you haven’t opened! Judging them failure just like this, isn’t it a little too unfair? Wouldn’t it be better to take a look first then make a decision?”

Dai Boqi was apparently not interested, “What’s there to see? I’ve already seen so many and the remaining few’s standard is totally imaginable!”

Feng Xiaoyan hurriedly cried out, “That might not be so . Perhaps there would be someone who wasn’t apt in theoretical assessments but especially good in practical use? Moreover speaking, evert apprentice had been through several stages of selection before they were selected . If they were to find out that the medicinal herb which they picked had not even been seen by you, perhaps they might feel unresigned in their hearts . ”

Dai Boqi sneered, “So what if they’re unresigned? I’ve already said this earlier, I only want the most outstanding pill refining genius . They aren’t able to make themselves shine so who else can they blame?”

Feng Xiaoyan saw Dai Boqi totally indifferent as she was extremely anxious in her heart . She was deeply worried that even after so many schemes that she had plotted, it would all come to a naught by this old man’s stubbornness .

But no matter how she persuaded him, Dai Boqi looked as though he was lacking in interest .

In the end, due to his impatience, he waved his hand vigorously, “Enough, stop nagging! Otherwise I will send you guests off! Why are you still standing there in a daze for? Still not going to move away these eye piercing jade boxes??”

The guards were really worried that he would be angry hence they grabbed the jade boxes tightly as they were about to route past Feng Xiaoyan .

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Feng Xiaoyan knew that if she didn’t take any action, these jade boxes would really be taken away and Huang Yueli would really escape from this calamity!

She no longer cared about anything as her heart hardened and scuttered towards the guard next to her, pushing him hard!

Dai Boqi’s personal guards were at least seventh stage realm top experts and all of them had outstanding skills . As they were pushed by someone off guard, the guard subconsciously stretched out his hand to block the push, and the Profound Energy within his body naturally dissipated outwards .

Feng Xiaoyan was struck right smack by that gust of powerful Profound Energy as she entirely flew outwards from the impact, throwing up blood in mid-air .

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She crashed heavily against the wall and her chest felt as though the blood inside was churning as her eyes saw stars while she was in so much pain until she could not breath .

But luckily, she didn’t faint and could still barely open her eyes to take a look at the guard’s direction .

Although she had been sent flying, but the jade box which the guard was holding on to had accidentally stumbled out of his hands, as it landed on the ground .

The jade box fell onto the ground, giving off a crisp shattering noise, as the medicinal herbs in it also fell out .

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“What’s the matter? Yan’er, Yan’er, are you alright?”

On seeing Feng Xiaoyan flying from the attack, Feng Zhensheng ran over anxiously as the guards and female attendants all started to gather around anxiously .

Dai Boqi walked over personally and stuffed a pill into her mouth and frowned, “Her internal organs are just injured, luckily my guard’s reaction is swift enough and didn’t deal a heavy hand on her! But she got to rest for two month to recover! What’s wrong with this? What happened just now?”

Feng Xiaoyan was in so much pain that her forehead was filled with cold sweat but on seeing the jade boxes which had rolled and splattered onto the ground from afar, her eyes surfaced a smile .

Although she was injured by a seventh stage realm top expert and she suffered a substantial injury, but as long as she was able to make Divine Doctor Dai disgusted by that wretched lass and thereby chasing her out of the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, then this little sacrifice was absolutely worth it!

Even if she had to suffer ten times the pain, she would accept it willingly!