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Chapter 1981: 1981
Chapter 1981: Open the box and take a look (1)

Moreover, as her skill became more and more seasoned, the quality of the Pearl Lotuses which she picked got even better . The last few stalks of Pearl Lotus even gave off crystal clear glistening, and on one look, one would know that it was of the finest quality among the medicinal herbs .

Busy from morning till mid-afternoon, Huang Yueli then finally managed to finish picking all the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses in the entire field of the medicine farm .

As her picking success rate was one hundred percent with no failure, so until the very end, the entire medicinal box which was used to contain the medicinal herbs were stuffed until it was bloated, almost not being able to contain everything . She tried her best to arrange every single stalk neatly but still wasn’t able to contain everything in .

In order to avoid crushing the medicinal herbs, she only picked one third of the herbs out and when she took it out, she casually threw it into her own realm ring .

After she completed everything, she then shut the lid of the jade box tightly, as she stuffed it into her chest area, waiting to submit her task in the afternoon .

When Huang Yueli completed her harvesting and was about to leave, the other Pill Masters were still busying themselves in their medicine farms while their sweat beads were akin to rain dripping down .

There were some who noticed her figure passing by the embankment of the fields but no one had imagined that she only used an entire morning to pick all the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses .

Everyone felt that she knew that she was destined to be chased away so she casually picked some stalks, and gave up .

It was until evening time when the steward came to the rear mountain’s medicine farm at the designated timing, to collect all the medicinal herbs which the Pill Masters had harvested .

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The Pill Masters all queued up as they respectfully handed up their own jade box .

Huang Yueli was the last in the queue and she was also holding on to a jade box as she handed it over to the steward .

When she took out the jade box, regardless of whether it was the steward or the Pill Masters by the side, all of them gave an astonished expression on their faces .

“Why? You really picked those Drought Land Pearl Lotuses?” The Steward’s brows furrowed as he questioned her .

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Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Isn’t the task arranged by Mister Steward you? Of course I have to complete it seriously, and the jade box contains all the medicinal herbs which I have picked . ”

“What? How is that possible? Surely you’ve not ruined Divine Doctor Dai’s medicine farm right?” Shu Yali couldn’t help but screeched, “Do you know that Divine Doctor Dai’s medicinal herbs here are all of the finest quality and if you have really ruined it into a pile of withered grass, that would be a huge loss to the entire Alchemist Guild!”

Shu Yali cried out in indignance out of justice but when the steward heard what Huang Yeuli said, he was squealing out silently in joy .

Feng Zhensheng had bribed him to find ways to attract Huang Yeuli from commiting mistakes . It would be best if the mistake she committed would thoroughly enrage Divine Doctor Dai, so much that she wasn’t able to turn tables around .

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Now that his aim was about to be fulfilled, wouldn’t that make him turned mad from joy?

He was afraid that Huang Yueli would not be hooked and would leave the small courtyard on her own! Whoever knew that this young lass’s mind was unable to comprehend the situation . Such an obvious trap and she insisted on stepping onto it!

The steward’s fierce looking oversized fat face immediately showed a smile as he nodded his head, “Good! Good! You’ve done well! No matter how your standard of harvesting is, as long as you complete your task seriously, that is something worth commenting about! Since that’s the case, I shall now hand Divine Doctor Dai your jade boxes, and tomorrow night he will head over personally to inspect it, so just go back and wait for your results!”

The steward made a marking on each jade box and carried all of it as he left .

Shu Yali turned her head back to see Huang Yueli still bearing an insipid and easy going look, totally unable to detect any sliver of nervousness from her at all .