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Published at 31st of December 2020 03:25:17 AM

Chapter 1982
Chapter 1982: Open the box and take a look (2)

Shu Yali couldn’t help but sneered, “Death is already knocking on your doorstep yet still pretending! I want to see what you are going to prepare to compensate Divine Doctor Dai for ruining his medicinal herbs!”

Huang Yueli totally couldn’t be bothered about her as she walked back to her room directly .

Rear courtyard, reception hall .

Dai Boqi sat in the middle seat right smack in the centre as he nipped his beard, retrieving a medicinal pill from an exquisite wooden box, as he squinted his eyes to check on it against the light .

Feng Zhensheng was seated right next to him with a beaming smile on his face, “Divine Doctor Dai, this is the Nine Lives Reversal Pill which I had refined a few days ago and this is my first time refining an eighth level upper grade pill . I am still inexperienced but although I know I am still not up to standard, but I am unable to find the key to it hence I’m here shamelessly to ask for your teachings . ”

Dai Boqi observed the pill for a while and spoke out, “Although this Nine Lives Reversal Pill has barely reached eighth level upper grade, but as your control towards the flame isn’t enough hence the medicinal effects is much worse than an eighth level upper grade pill! Moreover, you have also committed several mistakes when refining the medicinal herb…”

Just what kind of standard did Dai Boqi have? He had refined the Nine Lives Reversal Pill multiple times so the expected eighth level upper grade pill in his eyes was naturally filled with flaws . He was a straightforward person and within a few sentences, he had already criticised Feng Zhensheng’s pill refining skills from head to toe entirely .

Feng Zhensheng’s expression looked a little awkward . As the Alchemist Guild Headquarter’s President, although he wasn’t the best Pill Master in the Guild, but many people fawned on him and just a handful of them would criticise him this mercilessly .

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To tell the truth, he really felt uncomfortable just from listening to these words .

But as Dai Boqi was Divine Doctor Liu’s Master, and he was someone whom he hurried over to fawn on him, he could only suppress his dissatisfactory heart, as he put on a smiling face and used various pleasing words to coax this elderly man .

Just as Feng Zhensheng was getting fidgety, there was a knock on the reception hall’s door .

“Divine Doctor Dai, Steward Qin have already delivered the medicinal herbs which this batch of apprentices harvested, for you to look through . ”

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Dai Boqi then put down Feng Zhensheng’s pill and shifted his gaze towards the boxes which the attendant held in his hands .

“En, bring them all in!”

The steward gave a reply and walked up in quick steps as he placed all eight jade boxes on the coffee table in front of Dai Boqi, lining it all properly .

On seeing these boxes, Feng Xiaoyan who was seated right next to her father gathered up her spirits .

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Ever since Feng Xiaoyan was injured, she had not dared to step out of the door and today, she had specially headed over to Dai Boji’s side, just because Steward Qin had already secretly communicated with her, telling her that today was the day when the apprentices would hand in their medicinal herbs . Hence she specially came over, just so that she could hit Huang Yueli when she’s down .

The steward had just left and she walked over with a curious look as she asked, “Divine Doctor Dai, how are this batch of apprentice’s standard? Do you want to open up the boxes to take a look now?”

Dai Boqi appeared to have a lack of interest over this .

“Isn’t it all the same, among the apprentices-in-waiting in every ten batches, there would be one who could barely pass and that would already be great . Ever since Yan’er shifted out, I had always wanted to take in a second direct disciple but alas, for so many years, there aren’t many number of registered disciples who can meet the standard!”

Feng Zhengsheng smiled, “Divine Doctor Dai, your requirement is too high . It’s naturally difficult to want to find someone who is comparable to the genius Divine Doctor Liu . ”