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Chapter 1980: 1980
Chapter 1980: Earth attribute ninth grade talent (6)

Huang Yueli came to an area where a large quantity of Drought Land Pearl Lotus was planted within the medicine farm and squatted down as she stretched out her “demonic claws” towards the first stalk of Lotus .

She first stretched out her hand and gently caressed the tender flower petals on the Pearl Lotus, as though she was comforting it .

Within a blink of an eye, the originally floppy Drought Land Pearl Lotus straightened its stem and swayed in the early morning breeze, seemingly more energetic than before .

Huang Yueli then tickled the pistil and stem, making the petals blossom a little more .

After that, she took in a huge breath, “Alright, now I’m going to verify what results I achieved from yesterday’s training!”

Saying that, she stretched out her fingers and silently chanted the incantation gestures as she demonstrated the harvesting method which she just learnt yesterday .

A set of complex movements appeared agilely in between her slender long fingers .

If Shu Yali or anyone else saw that, their jaws would absolutely drop right onto the ground!

Because she was demonstrating the skills so aptly and unconstrained with ease . As compared to those pill refining geniuses who had been through rigorous training like them, she was not inferior to them in any aspects at all! Totally unlike the performance of a beginner .

But as there was no one around but Huang Yueli herself, she silently completed her hand gestures and then pushed it out lightly .

The Earth attribute Profound Qi in the air was led by her hand gestures, as it fell softly onto the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses petals surroundings .

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Huang Yueli caught the exact moment and swiftly hooked her fingers, as she picked the entire stalk of Pearl Lotus .

Moreover, her strength was just nice, not too light nor too heavy . She picked the inflorescence which was required to be used for the medicine as well as the leaves and stem on the lower part, not causing any damage to it at all .

Huang Yueli’s hands propped up the first stalk of Drought Land Pearl Lotus which she picked personally .

On seeing the Lotus in her palms with a sparking and translucent colour, each petal was the size of a pearl size, as it gracefully smoothed out towards its surroundings, looking extremely dainty . There were no signs of this stalk of Pearl Lotus which looked extremely frail and about to wither at any moment in time, just not too long ago .

Huang Yueli admired it for a short while and hurriedly retrieved a jade box from her sleeve, as she carefully placed the Pearl Lotus into it, and covered the lid tightly .

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As the medicinal herb was picked from the stem, the life force would quickly diminish and the medicinal effects would also lessen as time flew past .

In order to avoid such scenario affecting Divine Doctor Dai from refining medicine, the steward gave each of the prospective apprentices a specialised jade box to store the medicinal herb .

This jade box had underwent a special method of refining and along with the specialised sealing array on the exterior part, it would greatly decrease the speed of the medicinal effects being lost, and was also one of the necessary equipment which Pill Masters must bring along when they’re out harvesting medicinal herbs .

Her first time harvesting, was a complete success .

This gave Huang Yueli a great boost of confidence .

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Her face revealed a delighted smile, “Looks like it’s not too difficult! Hearing those Pill Masters exaggerating as though harvesting medicinal herbs was that difficult… . Seems like they are intentionally trying to scare me!”

If these words were heard by Shu Yali, she would absolutely faint from crying!

The many years of skill which she had practiced diligently, was something which others did not even think highly of, and to be despised in such a manner… . . this was really, comparing humans would die while comparing goods would only result in it being thrown away!

With the first experience, Huang Yueli’s actions became even more confident and was even more resolute .

Not too long later, she already harvested several stalks of Pearl Lotus, moreover the speed of her picking became faster and faster .