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Chapter 1979: 1979
Chapter 1979: Earth attribute ninth grade talent (5)

After everyone left, Huang Yueli leaned against the back of the chair as she stared at the picture on the page from afar, with a profound expression on her face .

After a while, she stretched out her finger and drew a circle in the air .

Following that, her fair beautiful finger danced around in mid-air, drawing out different shapes and at the same time, she even silently chanted a mnemonic chant as the posture of her hand kept on changing .

Her actions were strangely smooth and fluid as her ten fingers started dancing, resembling a fluttering butterfly’s wing which was extremely pleasing to the eye .

Very soon, a complete set of action was completed .

Huang Yueli’s fingers curled lightly as she mumbled, “Should be like this? When this ends, I should use Profound Energy to cast out the incantation gesture and wait for the Pearl Lotus petals to completely open before picking the entire stalk out from the stem position, preserving each petal’s completeness so as to assure medication effectiveness . ”

She repeated the actions once again but midway through that, she stopped .

“Strange, according to the book, the difficultly of this set of actions is very high and in order to master it, even for Pill Masters with great innate talent, they have to spend at least a month’s time… but it seems as though there’s not much difficulty? Is the book wrong or have I done it wrongly and had not discovered it myself? Ai, without a Master’s guidance, this is really a headache…”

Huang Yueli frowned bitterly .

She didn’t know that when she was refining armaments in the past, there were plenty of complex hand gestures to complete and because of that, this set of action was rather similar so she had already grasped the basics .

Because no matter if it was refining pills or armaments, the motive in utilising hand gestures were all the same, which is to adjust the Profound Energy in their meridians through hand gestures while combining it with the outer environment’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi, communication between both internal and external forces to influence the refining of metals or medicinal herbs .

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Huang Yueli couldn’t remember all these but merely using her own ability to complete these actions .

Because of her past foundation plus the fact that she had an innate shocking memory, these actions were done extremely smoothly .

The only flaw was that her meridians were being sealed and even if it was through hand gestures, there was no way she could mobilize the Profound Energy within her body . But what made her surprised was that after she struck out the incantation gestures, she was able to successfully mobilise Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi .

“Eh? So I can mobilize Heaven and Earth Profound Qi! But why can’t I absorb it into my body? Why am I unable to absorb Profound Qi?”

Huang Yeuli frowned for a while and didn’t answer her own question .

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Moreover, she had something more important right now, so she must put these doubts aside for the time being .

She spent an entire day to repeatedly memorise various harvesting methods in the book, mastering all of it .

The third day was the last day which the steward had requested to submit the medicinal herbs .

Early in the morning, Huang Yueli rushed over to the rear mountain’s medicine farm and started her harvesting job .

Not only her, the other Pill Masters also appeared at their own medicine farms .

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Because the morning’s air was the cleanest and the sunlight was not at its strongest . There were also dew from night time which had not been absorbed so this timing was most suitable in the entire day to harvest medicinal herbs and no one wanted to miss it .

When the Pill Masters saw Huang Yueli appearing, they were apparently extremely astonished .

But as the cut off time was about to reach, everyone hurried with the job in their own hands, and no one had any spare time to take notice of Huang Yueli .