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Chapter 1976: 1976
Chapter 1976: Earth attribute ninth grade talent (2)

Never in her wildest dream had Huang Yueli ever dreamt about such a scenario happening, hence her eyes widened greatly in astonishment .

After a moment later, she turned around and shifted a few steps as she stooped down next to another stalk of Pearl Lotus and carefully stretched out her fingers, touching the petals .

This stalk of Drought Land Pearl Lotus was in the worst shape in the entire medicine farm and it was almost withering . But it’s reaction was exactly the same as the previous stalk .

After being touched by Huang Yueli, the surroundings of the entire stump of plant was slowly enveloped with a faint glow . Moreover the stem which was already dangling started to stand upright once again as the shrivelled petals instantly came back to life .

“This, this, this… what’s going on? Have I seen a living ghost??”

Huang Yueli took a look at the Pearl Lotus in front of her and looked at her fingers, not really believing that this actually happened .

She stretched out her hand and touched every single stalk of Drought Land Pearl Lotus in the medicine farm, to discover that every stalk had similar reaction .

But for those lotuses which were in a dire state of withering had a more intense reaction towards her . On the contrary, those stalks of Pearl Lotuses which originally had flourishing branches and leaves and petals which were tender and beautiful, also started to give off a slight glow the instant she touched them .

Huang Yueli had already started to calm down and also realised that the situation earlier wasn’t an exception, nor was there any special situation . Instead… she seemed to have the ability to affect the growing of these Pearl Lotuses .

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But, why was it like this?

She should be an ordinary person who didn’t have any innate talent, nor cultivation right?

Even though she had merely glanced through the medical book, but it just took casual thinking to know that this sort of matter wasn’t something which could be done easily by anyone . It should be something which someone with extremely special innate talent could do .

By the time Huang Yueli finished “harassing” all the stalks, she raised her head and took a look to find that the sky had already turned pitch dark .

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She was too engrossed in this shocking new discovery hence she totally didn’t realise the time which had flown by . The other Pill Masters in the medicine farms all didn’t remind her, hence it resulted in her being left alone in the medicine farm .

For safety’s sake, she didn’t dare to continue staying there, hence she pulled open the fence to her medicine farm and hurried back to her own room .

On the second day morning, Huang Yueli went back to the study room where they had previously gathered .

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Yesterday’s situation made her too surprised and she thought over it for an entire night but still wasn’t sure what was going on hence she could only return to check on the medical books to see if she could find an answer here .

There were plenty of medical books which were kept in the study room and it was all open to public to refer to hence there were only extremely common medical books here . But this, to Huang Yueli, was already enough .

Huang Yueli found an elementary grade book as she casually started to flip through it .

After flipping through a few pages, she suddenly cried out a “Yi” sound and her attention was attracted by a few paragraphs of tiny words .

“… the main element which determines pill refining innate talent, depends on the Pill Master’s own Earth and Fire attribute innate talent . ”

“In this, the Earth attributed innate talent’s main use is reflected on the affinity towards medicinal herbs . The higher the practitioner’s earth attribute innate talent is, the higher the affinity . No matter if it is in planting, harvesting or handling medicinal herbs, one would be able to preserve the medicinal characteristics of the medicinal herb . Especially for practitioners whose Earth attribute innate talent are of ninth grade upper talent, it might even influence the medicinal herbs growth situation and for some powerful Earth attributed practitioners, are able to bring withered plants back to life after they have reached ninth stage realm…”