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Chapter 1977: 1977
Chapter 1977: Earth attribute ninth grade talent (3)

The later text analysed in detail on the different grades of Earth attribute innate talent and the degree of influence it had on handling medicinal herbs .

There were a total of ten over pages within that voluminous book .

But Huang Yueli’s reading speed was very swift . She merely spent ten over breaths’ time and had already finished all of it .

After reading it, she frowned because not only did the puzzlement in her mind not get resolved, instead, it added many more suspicions .

If she was really an outstanding Earth attribute practitioner, then looking at this, it would perfectly explain the scenario which happened in the medicine farm yesterday .

Because, that scenario was exactly the same as what was described in the book .

But unfortunately, she wasn’t any Pill Master and neither did she have any outstanding Earth attribute innate talent, or she didn’t even have any bit of innate talent in her at all because there was practically no Profound Energy fluctuations within her body at all!

Under such circumstances, how was she able to influence those Pearl Lotuses growth so easily?

Moreover, from the content in this , to be able to reach yesterday’s standard, the practitioner must have ninth grade Earth attribute innate talent in order to do that!

Moreover, according to the book’s description, ninth grade talent also required a bit of time before they were able to make the stalk revive a portion of its life source, totally unlike her yesterday . Just merely touching the petals and it immediately took effect, simply like setting up a poke and seeing the shadow immediately!

This… . . was considered as what kind of situation?

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Huang Yueli held on to the book and racked her brains but still wasn’t able to get an answer out of it .

She searched the book rack and skimmed through the majority of the books which were related to this but still wasn’t able to find the answer she wanted .

In the end, she had no choice but to give up .

“Forget it, anyway from the current situation, this should be good news! This book says, Pill Masters who have high innate talent in Earth attribute will find it easier to harvest the medicinal herbs than other people . Although I don’t know what situation I am in, but since I have such a great influence towards these medicinal herbs, then when I’m harvesting the medicinal herbs, I should… . have a bit of advantage?”

Huang Yueli used the book and knocked on her own head as she pouted .

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“Forget it, just have a try first! It’s better than not doing anything, and being chased out dejectedly!”

But although she said that, she didn’t immediately try it out .

There was a fixed quota to the total number of Drought Land Pearl Lotus in the medicine farm and if she picked it randomly, the rate of damage would be very high and it would be disadvantageous to her final verdict .

Because of this, Huang Yueli decided to practice her hand in picking first and after she had grasped the professional technique, she would then take action officially .

Luckily, although the Drought Land Pearl Lotus was hard to take care of, but it wasn’t an especially rare medicinal herb hence it was recorded in .

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Huang Yueli hurriedly flipped the book to it’s related page and sprawled on the table as she seriously started to study the contents .

“Oooh, so it’s so particular when it comes to harvesting medicinal herbs… . I really didn’t know until I read up on it, on one look…”

She mumbled and was engrossed in it as she didn’t notice the door to the study room being pushed open and someone walking right in .

“Yo, so you’re hiding here? I was just saying why we hadn’t seen you appear in the medicine farm for the entire day and thought that you had already backed out of the difficult situation, preparing to scram out from Divine Doctor Dai’s small courtyard! So you’re here reading books? Hahaha, it’s just too funny, surely you won’t think that just because you have a good memory, just looking at a few books and you’d be able to pass this round of assessment?”

Shu Yali laughed exaggeratedly .