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Chapter 1975: 1975
Chapter 1975: Earth attribute ninth grade talent (1)

Instead it raised one’s sympathy when they saw the young and beautiful Huang Yueli, who seemed extremely frail .

However, Dai Boji’s thinking was not something which they could influence .

One of the female attendants spoke out in much difficulty, “Young Miss Bai, we really have no way . Divine Doctor Dai had always been sure that the person whom Divine Doctor Liu marries in future, will be someone excellent who is worthy of him . ”

“That’s right, Young Miss Bai, if you’re a Pill Master, I can still suggest for you to take part in the apprentice selection to obtain Divine Doctor Dai’s appreciation, but you are now…”

“You’d better not think too much for now . Wait for Divine Doctor Dai to return and let him handle this…”

The gazes which the female attendants casted upon her were filled with sympathy, and this made Huang Yueli feel extremely uncomfortable .

Although they didn’t bore any ill intentions but being looked down by someone like this, to her, was an extremely unfamiliar feeling . But unfortunately, there was nothing she could rebuke against .

She bade the female attendants farewell and left the rear courtyard .

Huang Yueli thought about it and returned to the medicine farm as she looked at those stalks of dispirited and listless Drought Lands Pearl Lotuses . Raising her head to look at the terrible weather which exposed the scorching sun, she just had no way to express the stuffiness in her heart .

Originally she already didn’t have any pill refining innate talent and now she was being allocated such a piece of land . It seemed like an impossible feat to shine and distinguish herself from the others .

Moreover, that old man Dai’s temper was so fiery . Just looking at those Drought Land Pearl Lotuses which had been trampled, he might just fly into a huge rage and chase her out of the Alchemist Guild Headquarters .

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If that really happened, she would be in trouble .

But if she were to leave dejectedly like this on her own, she wouldn’t be resigned to it . It just wasn’t her character to give up even before she even tried .

Moreover, if Feng Xiaoyan had set her mind on scheming against her, she would not let her leave so easily .

Huang Yueli’s thoughts kept racing in her mind and unknowingly, she stretched out her hand and touched a stalk of Pearl Lotus next to her .

The instance when her slender long fingers touched the pink petals, the stalk of Pearl Lotus suddenly swayed and gave off a weak glow .

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Huang Yueli saw this sight from the corner of her eye and was stunned momentarily, thinking that she might have seen it wrongly .

She thought about it again and couldn’t stop herself from touching it again .

This time, it was even more apparent . Just as her fingers were just an inch away from the petals, this talk of Drought Land Pearl Lotus obviously slanted towards her, as though it wanted to lean against her fingers .

And at the moment when Huang Yueli touched it, a warm feeling was felt coming from the tips of her fingers .

This stalk of Drought Lang Pearl Lotus originally was dispirited and listless as though it would wither any moment but at the moment when Huang Yueli touched it, it suddenly gave off a dim glow as the petals also started to blossom .

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As though it had been injected with a powerful life source .

The Pearl Lotus flower petals swayed gently, giving Huang Yueli an illusion as though it was rubbing itself against her fingers, acting coy towards her .

“What kind of situation is this…”

Huang Yueli had a fright and abruptly retracted her fingers .

As she retreated, the Pearl Lotus swayed greatly towards her direction, as though it wanted to chase up to her .

But Huang Yueli retreated swiftly and it totally couldn’t chase up to her .

That poor little lotus flower swayed a few times and slowly hung down its petals, resuming back the initial frail look .