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Chapter 1974: 1974
Chapter 1974: Stubborn and tsundere old man (6)

This voice, although sounding extremely old, but was filled with vigour as his voice boomed like a large bell, causing a buzzing sound in Huang Yueli’s ears .

Hearing these words, Huang Yueli was rendered speechless instantly .

So the legendary Dai Boji was stubborn and also defensive of his own people, with an especially disagreeable character and all these were really true!

Just because she wasn’t his ideal young lady was worthy of Liu Buyan, he refused to even meet with her?

Just at this moment, the female attendants at the door all chased over . When they heard Dai Boji still berating her inexhaustibly, they were all extremely anxious as they pulled Huang Yueli, wanting to drag her outside .

“Young Miss Bai, how could you run in by yourself? Divine Doctor Dai’s temper isn’t very good and he will really chase you out of the Alchemist Guild!”

“That’s right, haven’t you heard it for yourself now? It’s not that we intentionally want to hide this from you, but Divine Doctor Dai had heard some gossip from some other people and is prejudiced towards you! Anyway, you’d better hurry and leave right now…”

Huang Yueli frowned but actually she was really unresigned to leave just like this . But looking at the guards standing in the courtyard, they were all eighth stage realm top exponents…

She was now an ordinary person without any Profound Energy so naturally she would not be so silly to go challenge the eighth stage realm guards so even if she wanted to find a way to smuggle in, there would probably be no way to do so .

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Huang Yueli knew that she could only think of other ways hence she did not struggle and allowed the female attendants to pull her out .

When they reached the outside of the rear courtyard, she sighed, “Little sisters, why did Divine Doctor Dai have such a huge prejudice against me? From what you said earlier, someone gossiped about me?”

The female attendants exchanged glances and didn’t hide anything from her .

“To tell the truth, Young Miss Bai, Divine Doctor Dai had already felt that Divine Doctor Liu is his best disciple whom he’s most proud of and extremely outstanding . Hence he could only be paired with an equivalently outstanding young lady with exceptional pill refining innate talent . If he really can’t find someone like that, at least that person should be a practitioner with extremely powerful ability?”

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“Divine Doctor Dai is most pleased with President Feng’s daughter Feng Xiaoyan . Her pill refining innate talent is the best among the younger generation of female Pill Masters! Moreover, she knows how to please people very much and often comes over to visit Divine Doctor Dai . So she dropped by some time ago to tell him that Divine Doctor Dai was already engaged and he even sought an ordinary young lady who did not have any cultivation at all, hence Divine Doctor Dai was extremely flabbergasted!”

“That’s right, Divine Doctor Dai had been throwing his temper these few days, hoping to get Divine Doctor Liu back to cancel this engagement but hasn’t Divine Doctor Liu gone out for a consultation these few days? So he can’t find him at all! Instead of hiding, you still came banging on the wall yourself! Wouldn’t Divine Doctor Dai be angry?”

Hearing the female attendants explaining the entire situation, Huang Yueli finally came around to the situation .

After all these, it was Feng Xiaoyan who was up to mischief behind her back again .

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Moreover, this old man was extremely stubborn . He actually didn’t believe in Liu Buyan’s own decision and after being incited, he then flared up .

Huang Yueli thought about it and asked, “Then… . sisters are all Divine Doctor Dai’s closest aides, what do you feel that I should do in order to make Divine Doctor Dai put down his prejudice?”

These female attendants were different from those young female Pill Masters who were full of youthful vigour .

Although they were able to see Liu Buyan often, and also admired and respected the Number One Divine Doctor, but they knew their statuses versus Liu Buyan’s were extremely far apart . Dai Boji were also very strict towards them hence they had no other indecent thoughts at all .