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Chapter 1973: 1973
Chapter 1973: Stubborn and tsundere old man (5)

Huang Yueli originally didn’t like to consider herself as Liu Buyan’s fiancée . Not knowing what was wrong with her, every single time she heard Liu Buyan say that they were in a fiancé-fiancée relationship, she would feel extremely uncomfortable .

But under the current circumstances, she couldn’t be bothered about anything else as she had to grab hold of the chance and hurriedly reported her status .

As expected, when the female attendants heard this, they all stopped in their tracks and turned around as they gazed at her in astonishment .

“You… . you are Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancée?”

“Heavens, you’re that legendary… . Ughh, young lady whom Divine Doctor Liu brought back from outside?”

Legendary… . Brought back from outside… . Young lady?

Huang Yueli was stunned by this description, but she could only nod her head to admit it, “That’s right, that’s me… I really have something which I need to look for Divine Doctor Dai . On account that I’m Brother Liu’s fiancée, can you please give me some concession and help me to pass the message?”

The female attendants exchanged glances and nodded their heads .

After settling these female attendants, Huang Yueli originally thought there would be no more problems so she tidied up her dressing and prepared to enter to meet this established, respectable old Divine Doctor .

Whoever knew, she waited for quite a while when the female attendants walked out, and on their faces were filled with an extremely awkward expression .

“Young Miss Bai, you’d better go back! Divine Doctor Dai isn’t willing to see you!”

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Huang Yueli was stunned, “How could that be? Have you told me about my identity?”

Huang Yueli felt that this was extremely unimaginable because after all, she was stamped with the identity of Liu Buyan’s fiancée . It was rumoured that Dai Boji loved this disciple of his dearly so towards his beloved disciple’s fiancée, isn’t he a little bit curious at all?

Most people would want to take a look personally wasn’t it? Why did Dai Boji have this kind of reaction?

The female attendants frowned and said, Young Miss Bai, we’ve spoken according to the truth but Divine Doctor Dai immediately said that he’s not willing to see you so we have no other way as well! Moreover, he flew into a huge rage over this!”

Huang Yueli blinked, “Why did he fly into a rage?”

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“This…” The female attendants were stuffed for words as an embarrassed and awkward expression spread over their faces .

Huang Yueli was instantly suspicious as she said, “No way, I have to head over to take a look personally! I’d trouble you to please give way!”

Saying that, her feet tapped and almost instinctively stepped out a profound body movement Profound Skill as she shot out towards the front right hand corner in an extremely strange angle and within a second, she had already spiralled to the female attendants’ back .

“Huh? What’s going on?”

“Young Miss Bai, you can’t go in!”

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“Quick, quickly stop her!”

The female attendants were mostly second or third stage realm low levelled practitioners so since when had they ever seen Huang Yueli’s God grade movements . Even if she didn’t have any Profound Energy right now and wasn’t able to display a major portion of the Agility Dance Steps, spiralling around these female attendants was still enough .

By the time the female attendants managed to respond, she had already ran into the rear courtyard .

There were ten over rooms in the rear courtyard and she didn’t know which room Dai Boji was in, hence her footsteps took a pause .

Just at this moment, a loud booming voice was heard from the room in the centre .

“Go tell that silly young girl surnamed Bai! This old man will absolutely never acknowledge her! This old man isn’t sure what kind of foxy methods she used to have bewitched my disciple . But a trashy lass like her without any use is not fit to be with Yan’er! This old man will absolutely not meet her, ask her to scram!”