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Chapter 1972: 1972
Chapter 1972: Stubborn and tsundere old man (4)

She knew that Feng Xiaoyan father-daughter duo, who had tried to find ways and means to stuff her into Dai Boji’s courtyard, would not let it go that easily and there would definitely be more tricks up their sleeves!

Earlier that steward who was so impolite to her, had already attracted Huang Yueli’s suspicions .

From the looks of it now, that steward had indeed been bribed by Feng Zhensheng and not only did he try to make things difficult for her during daily life, moreover he directly did something to the medicinal farm which she was responsible for .

Looking at their elaborate set up, Huang Yueli instead became more relaxed .

If she really wanted to master pills refining, then this current situation would probably make her extremely frustrated . Just based on these few stalks of medicinal herbs in front of her to hand in her task, it was equivalent to daydreaming .

But right from the start, Huang Yueli was not here to become some apprentice or some sort . She was here mainly to seek Dai Boji for a consultation hence towards the competition between the Pill Masters, she wasn’t the least bit interested at all .

Huang Yueli went one round around the medicinal farm and understood the situation then turned around and prepared to leave .

The other Pill Masters’ medicinal farms were nearby and everyone was already working hard on it, but Huang Yueli was the only one who patted her butt and left!

This naturally attracted everyone’s attention .

Shu Yali revealed a delighted smile secretly, “Looks like she really knows how to retreat in to avoid difficulties! Hng, she must wait till she really can’t get off stage then finally scramming on her own . In the first place, she should not have come! She even took up a quota from my junior sister, this really… . consider it our bad luck!”

Although the other Pill Masters weren’t as evil as her, but they all started shaking their heads as they felt that it was both a pity but yet so fortunate .

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“Luckily she doesn’t have Earth and Fire dual attributes otherwise with a genius like her around, our generation can forget about having a day when we will be able to make a name for ourselves!”

“It’s such a pity for Young Miss Bai, such a waste of her good memory skills, why doesn’t she have any Profound Energy? Sigh, Heaven is indeed fair, there aren’t many any peerless geniuses who are great in every single thing!”

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about what they said . After she left the medicinal farm, she headed directly over to the rear courtyard where Dai Boji was staying in .

But she had just got near to the door when she was stopped by the female attendants .

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“The place in front of Divine Doctor Dai’s residence, this Young Lady please halt your footsteps!”

“Divine Doctor Dai doesn’t like noise so Young Lady please stop getting closer . Otherwise if you offend him, we aren’t able to take responsibility for it!”

Huang Yueli could only stop and said, “Can you help to pass a message, that I’d like to meet Divine Doctor Dai . ”

The female attendants looked at her uniform and exchanged glances at each other, as they suddenly understood the situation .

“Young lady, you’re the fresh batch of apprentices who had just joined this place? I advise you to listen to the steward’s arrangement and work hard to complete your own task seriously . As long as you’re outstanding enough, you will naturally have a chance to meet Divine Doctor Dai so stop thinking of playing any tricks . Divine Doctor Dai hates those people who try to take shortcuts the most . ”

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Huang Yueli didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she said, “No, I… I’m really not here to fawn on him… I… . ”

Before she finished her sentence, the female attendant interrupted her again .

“No matter if you are or not, Divine Doctor Dai isn’t someone whom you can meet if you want to . I’ll give you a sincere suggestion, you’re better go back and work hard properly!”

Saying that, the female attendant held up the serving tray and wanted to walk in .

Huang Yueli chased up to her quickly as she spoke out, “Please wait a minute, I think you’re really mistaken . My name is Bai Ruoli and I’m Liu Buyan’s fiancée!”