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Published at 24th of December 2020 03:50:06 AM

Chapter 1969: 1969
Chapter 1969: Stubborn and tsundere old man (1)

The man’s actions took a pause, but he didn’t answer her .

Even though the backlight made his expression unclear, but Huang Yueli instinctively felt that he was staring intently at herself .

Huang Yueli’s heartbeat started to speed up, not knowing why, as long as his gaze fell onto herself, it made her feel anxious .

However, after a short moment, the man moved again, “I really must leave, Li’er… I…”

“What? Wait! You’re not allowed to leave!” Huang Yueli couldn’t help but screamed out loudly, as she stretched out her hand to try and pull him .

But just at the moment when she stretched out her hand, the man’s figure abruptly disappeared .

She jumped up in shock as her entire body was drenched in sweat, panting furiously as she tried to open her eyes .

Outside the window, the sky had already started to brighten and it was only now that she realised that she had just had a dream, an… . . indescribable dream .

Actually, ever since Huang Yueli lost her memories, she would occasionally have dreams but every single time she woke up, she would forget about it totally with the feeling that she did not have a good rest hence her mind wasn’t very clear .

This time, and it was her first time, where she was able to recall the scenario so clearly, even… distinctively remembering the feeling of the man’s kiss .

This feeling was so familiar, which made her heart in the dream palpitate, as though the innermost secret corner in her heart was touched… . .

Huang Yueli recalled the scenario at that time and her little exquisite face surfaced deep thoughts .

Not knowing why, she somehow felt that the man in her dream had a familiar feeling .

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Huang Yueli seemed to have thought of something as she couldn’t help but covered her face with her hands, as she covered her head into the blanket in frustration .

Heavens! She, she, she… she was such an innocent and pure young lady, how could she possibly have this kind of dream?

Moreover, the man in the dream was apparently not Brother Liu! She couldn’t even see his face clearly, and she… . why was it like this?

The minute she thought of the desolated tone where he said “I should leave”, a tearing pain rose up from the bottom of her heart, as though… . something very important to her was about to disappear…

Who was that man??

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Huang Yueli racked her brains to try and recall the man’s looks in the dream but every single time she tried to enter into deep thoughts, her headache would act up .

She would only be able to see that pair of realistic, tempting and gentle peach blossom eyes in the dream as it kept surfacing in her mind, totally unable to shake it away .

“Knock knock knock!”

Just as Huang Yueli was in deep thoughts, the room door was knocked loudly by someone, giving her a huge fright .

“Who’s that?”

“Bai Ruoli, get up quickly! Today’s is the first day that you’re taken in formally as an apprentice, gather at the rear mountain’s medicine farm in a quarter of an hour!”

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The steward outside the door swiftly finished the instructions he had and turned around to leave .

Huang Yueli hugged the blanket as she stood up, looking at the dusky sky outside the window as she was rendered speechless .

This… seemed to be still very early in the morning? The sun hadn’t even risen up and they were urging them to gather? Was being a Pill Master such hard work? Surely it wasn’t those Stewards who were intentionally playing a trick on her?

Although she was ridiculing them continuously in her mind, but Huang Yueli swiftly got up to change as she did a simple route of rinsing the mouth and washing the face, not even bothering about having breakfast as she swiftly ran towards the rear mountain .

When she reached the gathering point, it was then when she discovered that she had guessed wrongly .

Because other than her, the other seven apprentices had all arrived . Moreover, she was the latest one .