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Chapter 1970: 1970
Chapter 1970: Stubborn and tsundere old man (2)

When the steward saw her rushing over in a hurry, his expression was very ugly .

“As a Pill Master’s apprentice, it is the most basic requirement to wake up early every day! For someone as lazy as you, how are you going to become a Pill Master? Today you’re late! Deduct one point! If you accumulate ten negative points, you can go back directly!”

Huang Yueli tried to explain, “I’m not late? Didn’t you say to come within a quarter of an hour? It’s not even a quarter of an hour yet!”

“Still trying to quibble? The last one who arrives is equivalent to late! Deduct one more point if you quibble any longer!”

Huang Yueli was rendered speechless, but as she knew that she indeed was the last to arrive, being held a handle by someone else, moreover now that she’s staying under the roof of the person whom she’s at, it wouldn’t do any good for her to continue arguing .

So she could only rub her nose and keep silent .

The steward sneered and said, “Don’t talk so much useless stuff . You all should know that now, you’re at most an on-the-job apprentice . Divine Doctor Dai only needs one apprentice so only one of you will be able to stay on in the end! To be able to learn beside Divine Doctor Dai, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you just how much benefits there are! Divine Doctor Liu was taught personally by Divine Doctor Dai back then . If you’re able to gain Divine Doctor Dai’s favour and be accepted as his direct disciple, perhaps you might become the second Divine Doctor Liu!”

Hearing this, the young Pill Masters all started to become excited .

All of them had racked their brains and passed the various stages of the assessments, wasn’t it just because of this minute little chance?

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The steward casted a glance at them and said, “But for so many years now, Divine Doctor Dai had only accepted Divine Doctor Liu as his direct disciple . It seems that your aptitudes aren’t very outstanding so there’s no chance for direct disciple, not even for an advanced disciple, at most just a registered disciple, which is already very lucky!”

Huang Yueli saw those Pill Masters eyes all twinkling upon hearing that .

She didn’t have any feeling towards that . Anyway she knew that she herself had no Profound Energy at all so no matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to become a Pill Master . Her only aim was to get Divine Doctor Dai to do a consultation for her . As for an apprentice or whatsoever, she didn’t have any interest in it at all .

After the steward finished with his words, he started to assign tasks to them .

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“… . . the medicine farm at this rear mountain belongs to Divine Doctor Dai’s private property . Every medicinal herbs grown here are all rare herbs . The last batch of apprentices were not dedicated enough to tidy up the medicine farm and were chased away so you guys are now in charge of it now . These few days coincides with the harvesting date so each of you are in charge of one plot of land and are responsible for picking the medicinal herb within that plot . Submit it all within three days times!”

Saying that, the steward assigned one plot of land each to every single person and left .

Huang Yueli frowned when she received that token which belonged to her .

What harvesting medicinal herbs… she didn’t seem to have done this before?

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Even though she had lost her memories, but she only needed to use her toes to know that this absolutely was a job which required technical skills which was worse than memorising the book and not something which anyone could easily do well .

“Why? Stunned? So what if you have a good memory? Do you know how to pick medicinal herbs? The cat is out of the bag immediately when you’re asked to do something which Pill Masters are supposed to do! Just wait to be chased out by Divine Doctor Dai! He hates trash like you who smuggle in based on relations, and perhaps he might even chase you out of the Guild directly! That would be too satisfying!”

A voice filled with ridicule drifted over .

Huang Yueli turned around and saw Shu Yali standing right behind her and her face was filled with a smile which gloated over her misfortune .