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Published at 23rd of December 2020 03:20:12 PM

Chapter 1968: 1968
Chapter 1968: Really so heaven defying? (8)

Especially for same ranked pill refining geniuses, whoever’s memory surpassed the same generation would definitely be able to shine .

But all these were based on one’s foundation of both wood and fire dual attributes’ innate talents .

Take Huang Yueli for example, she didn’t have any single bit of Profound Energy so to put it plainly, no matter how good her memory was, she was merely talking on paper and she could forget about refining a medicinal pill for this entire lifetime!

In the very end, she was still a piece of trash…

Shu Yali saw everyone keeping silent and felt slightly better in her heart as she gave a scoff and said, “Those people without innate talent are just without any innate talent, trying to mingle around at Divine Doctor Dai’s just based on her good memory? Simply daydreaming! Let’s wait and see, I say she will be chased out within three days!”

Huang Yueli returned to the small cubicle which she had been allocated and read the book for a little while as she prepared to take a rest .

While she was lying on the bed, she suddenly recalled that she seemed to have not drank the medication today .

As she originally had not thought about the fact that she would be taken in as an apprentice in Divine Doctor Dai’s small courtyard, hence she didn’t make any preparations in advance so naturally it was impossible for her to remember bringing the medication .

Huang Yueli was slightly worried . She kept taking the medication everyday but yet wasn’t able to recover her memory at all . If she accidentally stopped the medication, would the previous efforts in the treatment be wasted?

But if she were to leave this place, she might not be able to enter anymore…

She hesitated for a moment and still decided to stay for another two to three days to see if she had any chance to meet Dai Boqi before she decided again .

“Anyway I’ve already drank that medication for such a long time and it doesn’t seem to have any effect so perhaps it totally doesn’t work for this illness?”

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She self-comforted herself and unknowingly seemed as though she was relieved as her mood turned slightly peaceful . After she laid down for a while, she fell asleep soon after .

But this night, she had an extremely uneasy sleep .

In her dream, there was a man dressed in a black gold long robe and he kept muttering beside her ear nonstop .


The man’s voice was mellow and magnetic, with a hint of sexy seductiveness . Just calling her name softly made her heart tremble .

“Li’er… don’t leave me… I miss you very much…” The man moaned softly .

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Huang Yueli opened her eyes and wanted to take a clear look at the man’s looks but that man’s back was against the light and he was pressing on her . The moonlight’s silver rays were casted over his back, overcasting his face entirely with a shadow .

“You… who are you?” Huang Yueli’s heart was pounding non stop, as though she was being bewitched as she stretched out her fingers to try and touch the man’s face .

However, at the instance when her fingertips were about to touch the man, he suddenly grabbed her wrist and locked it above her head .

At the same time, his tall robust body pressed down against hers .

A scorching hot kiss instantly took away her breath .

Huang Yueli wriggled her body as she subconsciously wanted to resist but the man’s power was too strong so no matter how she tried, she was unable to struggle free .

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Furthermore the man’s aura was so familiar, which made her gave up on struggling quickly, and even to submerge within… . .

As though, she had once been kissed by him multiple times .


Huang Yueli was gizzy from the kisses and she faintly heard the man’s voice, “I should get going!”

She abruptly awoke and her heart was instantly filled with terror, “You… where are you going?? Haven’t you said before, that you will stay by my side forever?”