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Published at 23rd of December 2020 03:15:07 AM

Chapter 1967: 1967
Chapter 1967: Really so heaven defying? (7)

Shu Yali was so angry that she almost threw up blood!

But she could only lower down herself to speak meekly, “I’m not giving way to you, I indeed… indeed cannot match up to you, I admit defeat!”

Huang Yueli then nodded her head as she smiled, “Since that’s the case, thank you for letting me win . Our bet… . It’s considered that I’ve won right?”

Shu Yali was extremely unreconciled and melancholic to the limit and after some time later, she spoke out softly, “Yes, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have taunted you . I’m wrong and I hereby apologize to you!”

Huang Yueli gave her an insipid look, “No matter, it’s good that you know your mistake! However strong one is, there’s always someone who is stronger out there, so no one dares to say that they’re the most incredible person! I have no other intention, just merely don’t want Brother Liu’s name to be tarnished by mere rumours!”

After Huang Yueli finished with her sentence, she stood up graciously .

“Alright, today’s the first time I encounter pill refining skills and to be able to swap pointers from a genuine Pill Master, it’s really my fortune for my three lifetimes! The time is not early anymore so I shall not disturb all of you any further . ”

She got up and walked a few steps before her footsteps suddenly halted and she suddenly turned back .

“Right, I almost forgot, I haven’t finished reading this book, can I borrow this back to continue learning? Since a three year old child has read this, I ought to grab hold of time tightly to learn otherwise it would be too embarrassing! There shouldn’t be anyone who would fight with me over this book right?”

Huang Yueli picked up that book on the table and swayed off in front of everyone’s eyes .

The crowd hurriedly shook their heads, “Please help yourself, help yourself…”

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After that series of competition, the crowd subconsciously treated Huang Yueli as an even more outstanding pill refining genius than Shu Yali and it was until they saw her pick up that entry level book that everyone suddenly realised that she really was a noob who knew nothing at all…

This really wasn’t anything fascinating at all!

Even until Huang Yueli left, the others were still discussing non-stop on what happened earlier .

“Young Miss Bai is just too awesome! She’s a peerless genius!”

“As what I’ve said, for someone like Divine Doctor Liu, how could it be possible that he’d look for a lass who had nothing except for beauty to be his fiancée . So… someone is modest on her own skills!”

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“What you said is right, Young Miss Bai is beautiful and intelligent, no wonder Divine Doctor Liu’s heart has wavered…”

The more Shu Yali heard, the angrier she got . She had a heart full of grievance which she was unable to voice out .

Although it was a fact that Huang Yueli had won her, but did these people need to admire her this much? They seem to have forgotten that she, Shu Yali was the cream of the crop within the younger generations and she was the real pill refining genius!

She kept on enduring until she couldn’t hold it in any longer and spoke out loudly to interrupt everyone’s discussions .

“Enough, she merely has a good memory and could memorise the books, is it worth it for all of you to admire her in such a manner? Surely all of you won’t assume that just because she memorised a few pages of books means she really has pill refining innate talent, and is a true-blue genius right? I think all of you have forgotten that she had no Profound Energy fluctuations on her at all . Wood and Fire attribute, she had none of it . Don’t talk about refining pills, she can’t even light up a flame! To put it more clearly, she’s still trash , and at most a trash who has an especially good memory!”

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When she put it across like this, everyone started to turn silent .

They had no choice but to admit that whatever Shu Yali said was logical .

Huang Yueli had merely revealed a hand today and indeed made everyone gasp with shock but it was merely gasping with shock .

If they needed to talk about her use, it seemed as though she really was useless .

To people with pill refining innate talent, having a good memory was naturally a plus point .