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Published at 23rd of December 2020 03:15:27 AM

Chapter 1964
Chapter 1964: Really so heaven defying? (4)

But this matter wasn’t considered as done .

Shu Yali just heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Huang Yueli continuing to speak, “Alright, let’s move into the next round, Young Miss Shu, please continue with your question!”

Shu Yali felt that she had really bumped into evil spirits this time round . They had already gone through five rounds so she could no longer not admit that Huang Yueli’s memory was probably really great that it was heaven defying! She merely casually flipped through the book and was able to remember the majority of the contents .

Was she really going to lose to her?

The more Shu Yali thought, the more sweat gathered around her forehead and the paler her face became .

But she still tried her best to comfort herself: It won’t! It’s impossible! She had spent so many years of hard work before she managed to recite it so smoothly so no matter how good this young lass’s memory was, it was not possible for her to remember everything .

Moreover she had just casually flipped through . Perhaps there would be some paragraphs whereby she didn’t read clearly in detail or as long as she could find the parts which she had not looked at, it was possible for her to win!

With this thinking in mind, Shu Yali finally regained her composure as she tried hard to seek the most adverse and tongue twisting paragraph within the book, hoping that she could stump Huang Yueli .

But the development of the matter made her heart turn cold .

No matter how craft the topic which she had selected was, every single time Huang Yueli was able to remain extremely composed as she replied in neither too slow nor too fast speed, totally without a single mistake at all .

In comparison, Huang Yueli’s questions were much simpler .

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Everytime she casually flipped the book, whichever page she landed on, she would just pick from that page without any intention of making things difficult for Shu Yali .

But as time slowly went past, Shu Yali’s heart began to become more and more terrified and more and more shocked . At the same time, this feeling seriously affected her performance .

There were several times where she had already recited it wrongly and on seeing the crowd’s astonished gazes, she suddenly recalled and forcibly corrected herself .

After seven to eight rounds had gone by, the Pill Masters who crowded around had all turned numb from the shock .

So, there really was someone who had such a great memory! A simple genius word was no longer apt to describe Huang Yueli’s innate talent because this was simply too heaven defying, too perverted!

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No matter how much everyone was unwilling to accept this fact, the truth remained in front of their eyes .

Furthermore, every single round when Huang Yueli replied, it had once again verified that this was the hard truth .

In actual fact, now that things came to such a step, it was evident even to the blind on who is the more incredible person between Huang Yueli and Shu Yali .

One replied in a composed and smooth manner from the start to the end while the other stuttered with loads of mistakes, the disparity in the standard was as far as heaven and earth .

But unfortunately, although Shu Yali kept making mistakes, she was able to stop and correct herself at the very last moment every single time, barely able to recite out her own paragraph .

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In this way, there was no ending at all .

The crowd present all started to lose their patience .

“What’s the matter with Senior Sister Shu? Things have already turned out like this, why isn’t she admitting defeat? If this drags on and she eventually loses, is it even meaningful?”

“Sigh, you don’t understand . In our Guild, she is known for her good memory hence she was listed as one of the geniuses who were emphasized to be nurtured . If she were to lose like this, where should her face be placed?”

“My gawd, she’s still thinking of retaining her face? Things have already turned out like this, all her outer and inner face have all been thrown completely! If this drags on, it would only be even more embarrassing! It’d be best for her to apologize to Young Miss Bai quickly instead!”