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Chapter 1963
Chapter 1963: Really so heaven defying? (3)

For those who wanted to recite out this paragraph, there was simply no way to depend on associative connection or other methods, purely relying on memorisation .

This kind was normally the most difficult to memorise and even if many of them managed to remember it forcibly for the moment, it would just take a mere few seconds to forget about it .

Shu Yali picked out such a difficult paragraph so no matter how silly one was, they also understood that she had intentionally tried to make things difficult for Huang Yueli!

The crowd were instantly speechless .

A third ranked Pill Master, competing against an ordinary person on memorisation of a medical book, actually having to use such underhanded methods… Shu Yali was really being pushed to the edge!

But this paragraph was simply too difficult, so did that mean that the bet was going to end right here?

Just as the crowd were feeling puzzled, Huang Yueli already started to open her mouth in a slow and steady pace .

She still maintained the same intonation and speed, with a calm attitude and tone as she recited the entire paragraph without missing a single word .

The crowd were stunned!

The last time Huang Yueli recited the content after the one hundredth page, it could be said to be a coincidence or perhaps she just happened to see this paragraph and she had a deep impression on it and it so happened to have chosen this .

But now was already the second time! And moreover it was Shu Yali who personally picked this question hence the possibility of cheating had been completely eliminated and yet she was still able to recite it out so smoothly…

This… was simply something which rendered the rest of them speechless!

Shu Yali’s mouth opened wide as she totally didn’t know what to say! She had already shamelessly picked such a difficult paragraph so that she could decisively end this bet but whoever knew that… this was settled by Huang Yueli?

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After Huang Yueli finished her recitation, she didn’t say anything much but indifferently opened her mouth to say, “Next should be Young Miss Shu? I will pick… . Page one hundred and twenty, paragraph two then . ”

There was nothing special about this content and as compared to the paragraph which Shu Yali picked, the difference was as wide as heaven and earth .

But exactly because of this difference, it reflected Huang Yueli’s magnanimity .

The crowd all looked at Huang Yueli in new light, “This is what’s called magnanimity! No matter if Senior Sister Shu was complacent or anxious, Young Miss Bai still remained the same and didn’t deliberately show off, nor did she specially pick those difficult questions to pick on her… she’s really calm and generous! No matter if she loses or wins, I will also admire her!”

“This time Senior Sister Shu has really embarrassed herself… even if she wins eventually, there’s no glory for her at all . ”

“Right, Senior Sister Shu has totally been defeated… . . ”

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Shu Yali was originally very tense and now that she had been slighted with such a disdainful tone while being discussed by others, she felt extremely agitated and her mind ended up blank .

She opened her mouth and wanted to recite but realised that she couldn’t recall anything at all .

“This… I… . ”

She was tongue tied as she tried her best to think back, but the more anxious and agitated she was, the more she couldn’t recall anything at all .

Huang Yueli looked at her and didn’t urge her . Instead she smiled and said, “Senior Sister Shu, don’t be envious, slowly think about it and that will do . There’s plenty of time so don’t be anxious . ”

When Shu Yali heard those words, not only did she not feel comforted, on the contrary she was so infuriated that she almost faint on the spot!

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This stance was simply too beautifully put!

But the higher Huang Yueli’s stance was, the more it reflected how dishevelled she, Shu Yali was!

“I… . White cap daylily, Attribute: warm, mainly used in treatment of…”

Under everyone’s concentrated gaze, Shu Yali finally forced herself to recall the contents of this paragraph as she stuttered while reciting it .

After she was done with it, she discovered that her back had already broken out entirely in sweat!

Immediately, she seemed to have felt as though she was given a new lease of life!