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Published at 23rd of December 2020 03:15:22 AM

Chapter 1965
Chapter 1965: Really so heaven defying? (5)

Someone even gave Huang Yueli an idea, “Young Miss Bai, you can’t continue going on like this! Every time you gave Senior Sister Shu such simple questions, when will the winner finally emerge? Since she tested you on such difficult topics, then you should also give her a difficult question as well!”

“Right, right, exactly this logic . Only then will this be fair!”

Huang Yueli raised her brows, not knowing if she had taken everyone’s words into consideration .

But the minute this round ended, she placed the book in her hand down .

“Young Miss Shu, looks like it’s very difficult to come out with the winner, why not… . Let’s raise the bar of difficulty a little?”

“What? Increase the difficulty??”

Shu Yali had finally managed to finish one more round and was just about to celebrate over this when Huang Yueli suddenly popped out this sentence out of her expectations which made her tense up immediately .

“Increase what difficulty? What else are you trying to do?”

Huang Yueli gave a faint smile and said, “I remember you once said that towards this book, you were able to recite it backwards when you were seven years old…”

The words which she boasted about earlier, after one entire round of competition, was reiterated by Huang Yueli once again and this was akin to slapping her face!

Shu Yali’s face flushed into a liver colour as she was so awkward that she was incapable of further increasing her embarrassment, as she couldn’t wait to dig a hole and hide inside .

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However, Huang Yueli was not done with her words, “… So, in the next round, we can start by reciting it backwards! What do you say?”

“… reciting backwards?” Shu Yali was stunned and when she finally reacted to her words, she started screaming out loudly, “What did you say? Did you say recite it backwards? Are you joking with me?? Such a difficult book and it’s already a great feat to memorise it and yet you want to recite it backwards! Who is able to do that??”

Huang Yueli blinked as she looked extremely puzzled, “But wasn’t Young Miss Shu the one who said it yourself, that you were able to recite it backwards smoothly?”

Shu Yali’s screams stopped abruptly and for a moment in time, she was stuffed until she could not speak a single word .

Right, she had said this earlier! But normal people should all know that it’s an exaggerated way of speaking isn’t it? As long as one said they were able to memorise and recite it smoothly, they all used this kind of description, did it mean that one could really repeat it backwards?

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Did this wretched lass not understand a human’s language, or what was she playing at?

But, meeting Huang Yueli’s gaze which didn’t quite resemble a smile, these words of rebuttal which were at her lips weren’t able to be spoken out at all!

Looking at it on the literal view of words, she indeed really said such words, and with this handle…

Shu Yali found her voice after some time as she clenched and gritted her teeth while hissing, “Bai Ruoli! What do you mean? Are we going to compete reciting it backwards? Are you sure you can really recite it backwards? What trickery are you trying to play at?”

Huang Yueli laughed softly, “What else could I be up to? I merely want the winner to emerge sooner…”

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“I don’t believe you, it’s the first time you’ve read this book and if you’re able to recite it out backwards, then you must have a plot! If you have such ability, then you’d start reciting it for the first round!”

Shu Yali felt that Huang Yueli was trying to scheme her and totally didn’t believe that Huang Yueli would want to compete in this way at all .

Hence she came out with a bright idea, to let Huang Yueli recite it first .

Although she herself wasn’t able to do it, but as long as Huang Yueli wasn’t able to do so, it would be considered as Huang Yueli’s loss directly so she herself need not expose her true standard .

Huang Yueli took a meaningful look at her, “Alright, I’d be the first to recite it then . Tell me your question!”