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Chapter 1962
Chapter 1962: Really so heaven defying? (2)

Saying that, he slammed the thick medical book on the table!

“Since you suspect me of throwing the game, then let someone else be the judge! Your skills are lacking but you know how to find a reason for yourself, you’ll lose for sure!”

The judge deftly gave up this position which made the others stunned .

From his looks, it seemed as though he was really framed by someone… . Could it be that he really didn’t throw the game?

But if everyone had to believe that Huang Yueli’s memory was so good, it was a little unacceptable…

Shu Yali was publicly criticised and was in an awkward position . It wasn’t up to her to retain the judge nor to change to someone else .

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli stretched out her hand and picked up the book gently as she turned towards Shu Yali with a smile on her face .

“Senior Sister Shu is worried about unfairness and this feeling is something I can understand . How about this, let’s change to a fairer method . Later on, we’ll take turns to come out with questions for each other . You will recite the paragraph which I choose while I will do the same for the one which you choose . In this way, there’s no way to cheat, what do you think?”

“You… . this… . ”

Shu Yali’s eyes widened as she seriously suspected that she had heard her wrongly!

Huang Yueli actually changed the regulations like this! If they were to give the other party the questions personally, of course they would be unable to come out with any trickery and this would perfectly solve the worries which Shu Yali mentioned earlier .

But why was she feeling like this? Could it be that if she was really able to recite it out, which was why she was so fearless?

Shu Yali’s heart thumped hard and now that it came to such a stage, she finally realised that things were different from what she had imagined .

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The seemingly frail, gentle, quiet and refined young lady in front of her was probably not as simple as what she looked on the surface . She probably had some astonishing innate talent which no one was able to ignore!

As compared to her, not to mention just how badly she might lose, her illustrious name for the lifetime might be destroyed henceforth!

But at this moment, if she wanted to say words of regrets, it was apparently too late .

On seeing Shu Yali’s lack of response, the audience weren’t willing to agree to it as they started to urge her .

“Quickly, agree to it! Such a fair condition, what’s there to hesitate about?”

“This idea is just too great, no one will be able to cheat!”

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“I’ve not expected Young Miss Bai to be so magnanimous! No wonder she’s Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee!”

“Speaking of that, Senior Sister Shu is still hesitating, does she really have no grasp of her chances at winning?”

Since they’ve already put things until this step, Shu Yali knew that she had no way out as she could only clench her teeth and brace the front!

“Alright we shall do as you say . Let’s come out with the questions mutually and continue with the competition!”

Huang Yueli smiled and nodded her head, “Alright, then let’s continue . You will come out with the question first or shall I?”

Shu Yali wasn’t acting modestly right now as she snatched the over, “Earlier I’ve already given in to you for four rounds so this time I’ll come out with the question first!”

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Now that things had come to such a pass, she couldn’t care about acting generous any further because if she continued to act, she might really lose this and this embarrassment will go all the way to her granny’s house! So she must first exhaust the decisive opportunity!

Shu Yali flipped the books with a flipping flapping sound, “Page one hundred and thirty two, paragraph five!”

The minute she said that, the spectators crowded behind her all couldn’t stop themselves from crying out in astonishment, “This… isn’t this a little too difficult!”

They could see the contents of the book that this paragraph mainly described the different varieties and classifications of medicinal herbs and there were large amounts of professional terms . Moreover most of it was not linked logically .