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Published at 23rd of December 2020 03:15:41 AM

Chapter 1961
Chapter 1961: Really so heaven defying? (1)

“Was what she recited earlier really the contents on page one hundred and fourteen? Did she just recite it disorderly?”

“That’s right, hurry up and let’s take a look!”

While the crowd were in awe, they also developed their own suspicions regarding the truth of this matter .

After someone suggested that, the others all responded in agreement and all of them squeezed themselves next to the judge as they stretched out their necks to take a look at book in his hands .

Alas no matter how much they looked, they couldn’t find any tricks out of it .

The black wordings on the white paper clearly stated the same contents as what Huang Yueli had just recited .

This time round, everyone was stunned as the gazes they shot towards Huang Yueli was as though they had just seen a living ghost!

“This… . this… . this… . . ”

“Not possible right? How could this be possible? How could such a thing have happened?”

“I don’t believe it! How could she memorise all that? She had only casually flipped through earlier!”

“What the, she could also memorise this, if this was true… her memory is just too terrifying! Simply… Simply unimaginable!”

“As compared to a pervert like her, Senior Sister Shu spent so many years to memorise this, it really isn’t enough to be compared to her…”

Shu Yali had not expected such a thing to happen, that Huang Yueli was actually able to recite it out!

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She spent a very long time only to realise that she wasn’t dreaming, but this had really happened in reality!

She lifted her head and met Huang Yueli’s eyes which happened to look over .

That pair of bewitching large eyes which was tossing of billows of water roved around, without any meaning of mockery . On the contrary, the expression which Huang Yueli showed her was still the same as usual, aloof and indifference .

But it was exactly because of this indifference that made one feel humiliated .

Because Huang Yueli totally didn’t regard her of any importance!

Hearing the Pill Masters around them discussing this, Shu Yali’s face fell even more .

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She gritted her teeth and couldn’t help but shout out, “You… you must have colluded with the judge! There is something fishy about the two of you! Otherwise it’s just not possible for you to be able to recite this! Speak, have you accepted some benefits from Bai Ruoli?”

No one expected her to suddenly pop out with this sentence as they all looked at her in a daze .

The judge had an expression filled with fury as he stared at her in disbelief, “You… . Senior Sister Shu, how could you say that! How could I possibly collude with Young Miss Bai? We weren’t even acquainted before this!”

“Not acquainted? So what about that? Perhaps you have the intention to please Divine Doctor Liu hence you tend to be biased towards her! Otherwise there are so many paragraphs which you can test her on, why must you pick one which she could recite out?”

Shu Yali thought through this and somehow felt that Huang Yueli couldn’t really possibly recite out page one hundred and fourteen but coincidentally she was able to recite this paragraph which the judge had picked .

Why was it like that? The most probable answer was that she had already talked over this with the judge .

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She didn’t believe that Huang Yueli’s memory was so heaven defying!

After what she said, the other Pill Masters also had the same thinking in mind as the gazes they shot towards the judge were all filled with suspicions .

This matter was just too ridiculous so one really couldn’t blame them for thinking in such a way .

The judge was absurdly thrown a pot to carry and he was instantly infuriated to the max!

“It’s really ridiculous . A third ranked Pill Master who can’t win over an ordinary person . Instead of doing self-reflection, you even pinned the blame on the judge! And you still have the cheek to claim that you’re some pill refining genius? I feel embarrassed on your behalf!”