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Chapter 1960: 1960
Chapter 1960: Can’t even match up to a three year old (8)

Because humans were like this, initially when they first started to memorise, they were all bubbling with excitement and would repeatedly revise over it so naturally they were able to memorise these clearly .

The further they went, the more difficult it was to memorise it by heart and furthermore, many contents tend to be confused together, triggering the confusion in one’s memory .

So when the judge jumped towards the content after the first one hundred pages, even Shu Yali seemed not so fluent when she started reciting it .

There were even some parts whereby she stopped for a short moment to recollect her memories before she could remember it .

After she finished reciting the designated paragraph, she stopped immediately and unlike earlier, she didn’t intentionally finish reciting the entire page .

All the Pill Masters present were aware that this was because Shu Yali didn’t dare to guarantee that if she continued reciting, would she be able to recite it all correctly and without any hiccups .

If she forced herself to recite another paragraph and the result was wrong, or she stammered while reciting it, then it would be a major loss .

But no matter what, she finally completed reciting it .

Shu Yali was feeling rather complacent in her heart .

After all, when she started to memorise , she was merely six to seven years old and now that a decade plus had passed by, the other Pill Masters probably weren’t able to recite the contents after one hundred pages but she was still able to do so!

This proved that her innate memory was much better than others and she was more hardworking than them!

After this round, she was considered to have exhibited her ability to the other Pill Masters, to prove that she indeed had the qualifications to obtain the Guild’s emphasized nurturing .

As indeed, when the others heard her recitation, their eyes were filled with praise and admiration .

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This made Shu Yali feel extremely comfortable .

“Alright, I’m done reciting, following this… . . ” She turned around to look at Huang Yueli with an apologetic expression, “Young Miss Bai, this time round I’m not going to give in to you . I’m so sorry about this… it’s not that I want to make things difficult for you but it really is because we must have a winner and loser for this bet and we can’t keep wasting everyone’s time…”

Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to look at her fake look and not waiting for her to complete her sentence, she opened her mouth to interrupt her .

“Since you don’t wish to waste time, then why are you still babbling on and on? Let’s start!”

Shu Yali was stuffed back as she clenched her teeth and shut her mouth while sneering inside her heart: Hmpf, you know that you’re going to lose but still acting so smug! Really don’t know where you get the confidence from, I’ll just wait to see you make a fool out of yourself!

“Fourth round, Young Miss Bai please recite page one hundred and fourteen, paragraph four . ”

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The judge flipped the book and said casually .

He wasn’t expecting Huang Yueli to respond to his question .

In reality, he wasn’t the only one . Everyone there had the same thinking in mind, just waiting for Huang Yueli to admit her loss .

However, Huang Yueli took a calm look at everyone and cleared her throat . She opened her mouth but it wasn’t words of admitting her loss, instead she started to recite the paragraph which the judge had designated!

The speed of her tone wasn’t too fast nor too slow and her pitch wasn’t too high nor too low . Her voice was melodious and sweet whereas her pronunciation was accurate .

Very soon, she finished reciting the entire designated contents .

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Moreover, what was different from Shu Yali was that when she was reciting, she didn’t even stop to ponder over it, as she remained composed which was no difference from when she first started reciting the first paragraph on the first page!

The minute she opened her mouth, the crowd were dumbstruck as they totally couldn’t say a single word, only staring at her fixated, thinking that they must have developed hallucinations because they didn’t have enough sleep .

After she finished her recitation, everyone’s jaws all fell onto the ground .

“This… what’s going on? Did I just have a dream?”