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Chapter 1959
Chapter 1959: Can’t even match up to a three year old (7)

Even for some of those present, they thought of themselves as one of the outstanding talented pill refining geniuses in the Alchemist Guild but had all searched their own consciences that not every one of them were able to do this .

For a moment in time, everyone stood there in a daze .

Shu Yali couldn’t help but screamed out loudly, “Impossible! How are you able to recite it out? Are you cheating?”

Huang Yueli shot a glance at her as though she was looking at a retard .

“Cheat? May I ask how I could cheat? So many people here saw me reciting it, how would I have the ability to be able to do that? From Senior Sister Shu’s words, could it be that you can’t afford to lose hence you’re finding reasons for yourself?”

Shu Yali was speechless as her face flushed a deep shade of red out of embarrassment .

Not only Huang Yueli, the others were also looking at her strangely .

Such a small space and everyone were crowded together, everyone knew that it was impossible for Huang Yueli to cheat .

Shu Yali blurted this out without thinking, not only wasn’t able to let Huang Yueli be suspected by others, instead it made the others feel that she was the one who couldn’t afford to lose!

She hurriedly tried to make amends for her previous sentence, “No… I don’t mean this . Moreover speaking, I have not lost yet . This third round is merely a tie! Since you can recite the first three pages, that means that your memory is indeed not bad . But this is because I gave way to you, otherwise how is it possible that you’re able to get those contents of the pages in front? Following this, I am not going to give in any longer! We shall have a fair competition and if you lose, don’t renege on it!”

Huang Yueli laughed softly and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t have the habit of reneging on my debts . One must accept to lose when they take on the bet willingly, I understand this logic very well . ”

With this sentence from Huang Yueli, Shu Yali was even most assured .

She had been repeatedly telling herself to remain calm and not become anxious just because of a small accident like this .

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Some people naturally had good memory as an innate skill and it wasn’t the first occurrence whereby one was able to recite the first three pages within a quarter of an hour . But that didn’t mean anything at all . The total amount of content to be recited in the bet was a total of one hundred and fifty pages!

Surely that wretched lass could not memorise all one hundred and fifty pages right?

Unless she really had the innate talent of a God ranked Pill Master!

Even if it was Liu Buyan himself, it was not possible for him to casually flip through and memorise everything, this kind of matter was just too ridiculous! It was absolutely not possible to happen!

Right, impossible!

Thinking of this, Shu Yali seemed to have taken a tranquilizer as she started to regain her peace .

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She turned back and took a look at the judge, “Junior Brother, let’s continue!”

The judge nodded his head and said, “Now the bet has already gone through three rounds and Senior sister Shu is considered to have shown extreme benevolence so there’s no need to give way any longer . I will increase the difficulty and not just the contents in the first few pages, but to request for you to recite any content between pages one hundred to one hundred and fifty which is within the boundary of the bet . Do the both of you have any objections?”

Shu Yali immediately shook her head .

Immediately following that, she looked at Huang Yueli .

She originally thought that Huang Yueli would definitely reject or even feel anxious at the very least .

But she guessed wrongly .

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That exceptional beautiful young lady was still seated gracefully on the wooden chair with elegant beating and outstanding temperament while she nodded her head slowly .

“I have no objections, please draw up the question!”

The judge was a little dazed from looking at her and hurriedly covered up his action with a cough .

“Cough cough, alright then, let’s continue!”

“The fourth round, Senior Sister Shu please recite page one hundred and nine, paragraph four . ”

As the content of the book went further towards the back, the chances of memorising it would become lower .