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Chapter 1958: 1958
Chapter 1958: Can’t even match up to a three year old (6)

“This is obviously going easy on Young Miss Bai again!”

“After all, her man is extremely incredible! Senior Sister Shu still wants to continue staying in the Alchemist Guild! Understood, understood!”

“As long as she can win in the end, the process isn’t that important… . . ”

The result was the process was even more important .

The people who had this thinking in mind, were not merely those Pill Masters, but also included Huang Yueli herself .

So when she heard Shu Yali’s words, she totally didn’t have the intention to explain for herself but when she opened her mouth again, she used her sweet mellow and clear voice to recite the first paragraph on the second page once again without missing a single word .

The minute she finished reciting, she refused to say a word more as she shut her mouth once again .

Shu Yali was even more astonished now as she thought that Huang Yueli would definitely be game over this round . Whoever knew that she was able to recite it out once again and moreover, she seemed to be even more fluent than before!

The other Pill Masters’ eyes all widened in astonishment .

It took just a little amount of effort and the current scene was so noisy but yet Huang Yueli was able to recite two pages of the medical book? This memory was considered not bad at all . At the very least, she was able to satisfy the basic requirement of a first ranked Pill Master .

Hence the Pill Masters had a whole new level of respect towards her .

Some of them couldn’t help but nod their heads secretly .

“She’s really worthy of being Diving Doctor Liu’s fiancee . She’s not totally useless, at least her memory isn’t bad at all…”

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“But that’s just what she’s capable of only! If it wasn’t for Senior Sister Shu who intentionally gave her some leeway, she would probably have lost in the first round!”

Shu Yali also thought so .

Although she had already tied with Huang Yueli for two rounds, but she hadn’t realised the seriousness of the problem as she still thought that it was because of the fact that she had given her a chance .

Naturally, it wasn’t easy for Huang Yueli to be able to recite out the first two pages, but… she was still the winner for sure!

She thought in that way and continued to urge the judge to proceed for the third round .

“Third round, Senior Sister Shu please recite the first paragraph on the fifteen page . ”

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After Shu Yali finished reciting, the judge specially lifted his head to take a glance at her, using his eyes to enquire if he should continue throwing the game for Huang Yueli .

Shu Yali nodded her head without any hesitation .

Entering the third round, even if she intentionally threw the game, this young lass had to recite the third page’s content . In such little amount of time, was she able to recite until the third page? If that lass could really do it, then her memory would be able to chase up to herself!

Shu Yali didn’t believe in such a miraculous thing .

So if she had to throw the game, naturally she had to persist with it until the very end .

Looking at Huang Yueli losing in the process of her throwing the game, only this will allow her to win the good name of magnaminty .

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“Third round, Junior Sister Bai please recite the third page, first paragraph . ” The judge received the hint and immediately announced that .

When Huang Yueli heard that, she lifted her head and gave Shu Yali a look with a smile which didn’t look like a smile .

Shu Yali immediately stared back at her and said, “What’s there to look at? Still not hurrying up to recite it? I’ve already thought of so many ways to give way to you, if you’re going to lose it in the end, then I can’t be of help too!”

Huang Yueli didn’t say anything much as she directly recited the first paragraph on the third page out .

It was still not a word more, not a word less .

But it also remained whereby there wasn’t a single wrong word!

After she finished reciting, all the Pill Masters present all revealed a shocked expression as they looked at one another in dismay .

Within a short duration of a quarter of an hour, she had memorised the three pages of densely packed words, this memory could no longer be described as an ordinary sense of good!