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Chapter 1955: Can’t even match up to a three year old (3)
Chapter 1955: Can’t even match up to a three year old (3)

A lightbulb suddenly lit up in her mind as she said, “It’s not impossible… to have a bet with you . If I can’t recite it, I’ll apologize but what if I’m able to? Don’t you need to pay any price for it?”

Huang Yueli smiled and replied, “How about this, each of us will recite one paragraph and whoever can’t recite it out will lose . If you lose, you have to admit that you’re in the wrong . If I lose… . I’ll give up this quota and let your Junior Sister come back to be the apprentice, how about that?”

When Shu Yali heard that, she was stunned for quite some time, simply unable to believe her ears .

“You… . what did you say? You’re willing to give up the quota??”

Huang Yueli took a look at her and said, “When did I say anything about giving up the quota? I only said that if I lose… . ”

“Then you’re a loser for sure! I’ll bet, I’ll bet!!” Shu Yali immediately cut in .

The smile on her face was so excited that she almost jumped up!

Was this wretched lass a retard? She actually raised such a stake!

Originally Shu Yali felt a little unsettled as she didn’t dare to really accept this bet . Because she indeed was able to recite the entire book when she was seven years old but it was something that happened more than ten over years ago and later on, she didn’t intentionally revise it everyday so naturally she had forgotten about it by quite a bit .

Earlier what she said was indeed a lie and if Huang Yueli kept biting on to it without letting go, she would definitely lose for sure .

Whoever knew that now it was Huang Yueli who suggested changing to taking turns to recite a paragraph each .

In this way, Shu Yali was naturally more confident and realised that she had a hundred percent chance of winning!

After all, Huang Yueli wasn’t some Pill Master so how could she possibly recite out the ? She probably hadn’t even seen it before?

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Huang Yueli saw her excited look and spoke in a neutral tone, “I have to remind you first, that I might not lose…”

When Shu Yali heard that, she calmed down slightly as she detected that something wasn’t quite right .

Huang Yueli definitely did not suddenly find her conscience and now that she proactively suggested a bet which she would definitely lose, this… could there really be some plot in between?

She took a defensive look at Huang Yueli and asked, “Have you ever read previously?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Never, today’s the first time I’m reading it!”

Shu Yali heaved a sigh of relief and was just about to continue when she suddenly heard Huang Yueli continuing with her sentence .

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“Just because this is the first time I’m seeing it, so later when the bet starts, the recitation boundary is only limited to the first one hundred and fifty pages . The contents after page one hundred and fifty is not considered as part of the bet’s boundary… . ”

Shu Yali had a dazed look, totally not understanding what she was trying to do .

“Wait, what do you mean by this? Why can’t we recite anything after pages one hundred and fifty?”

Huang Yueli looked at her as though she was looking at a moron as she spoke out in an inevitable manner, “Isn’t that obvious? I just had that little bit of time earlier and I’ve only read until a total of one hundred and fifty pages! I haven’t even read the rest of the contents after that so how do I bet with you?”

How to bet with you?

How to bet????

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Shu Yali’s mouth opened wide as she felt her chin almost dropping onto the ground!

Every single word that Huang Yueli said was that simple, that obvious and that precise!

But when it was all linked together, why was it that she couldn’t understand any part of it?

She had never seen the contents so of course she couldn’t recite it… but earlier in that bit of time, she casually flipped through a hundred and fifty pages, could she really recite it out?