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Chapter 1956: 1956
Chapter 1956: Can’t even match up to a three year old (4)

Shu Yali naturally didn’t believe that there would be something so ridiculous under the Heavens!

So she had already concluded that Huang Yueli was just deliberating being mystifying and her aim was to influence her own development!

With that in her mind, Shu Yali immediately sneered, “Alright! One hundred and fifty pages it shall be! Anyway there’s so many people watching, so don’t you think about reneging on it! I’ll thank you first for having that little bit of conscience, to automatically give up the quota!”

Huang Yueli knew what she was thinking about but she was too lazy to make any further explanations as she casually threw the book into the hands of a youngster by the side .

“We’d have to trouble you, to be the judge . ”

“Ah? Oh, yes, okay!” The youngster flusteredly caught the thick medical book which was like a brick, as he carefully flipped it open, “The both of you… who will be first?”

Shu Yali immediately said, “I’m at least a genuine Pill Master, let me do it first!”

Huang Yueli naturally wouldn’t go snatch this from her as she merely smiled and sat by the side while watching .

The youngster casually flipped to a page and said, “Seventh page, third paragraph . ”

Shu Yali swiftly recalled and started reciting, “Inner Zen Sea Cherry-apple, Attribute: Great Chill, Taste: Sweet, non poisonous, frequently grown in an ice cold place on snowy land, Northern Ice Fields… . . ”

She spoke out in a steady pace and her recitation was considered rather smooth . Moreover not only did she recite the seventh page third paragraph, she even continued to recite the other paragraphs, simply reciting all the contents on the third page before she stopped .

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All the Pill Masters present were all nodding their heads as they listened to her and showed looks of admiration .

“She’s really the renown Senior Sister Shu who had explementary memory, to actually be able to recite so smoothly without a single wrong word!”

“Isn’t that so? These are all things which we memorised when we were young and most of us had already forgotten about it . Kudos to her for being able to remember this after so many years . It shows that she must have put in a lot of hard work back then!”

“Don’t say that I can’t remember it now, even if it was back then, I won’t even have been able to recite it this smoothly just like Senior Sister Shu!”

“Aren’t they all saying that Senior Sister Shu is the cream of the crop among the younger generations? Originally I’m not really convinced but from the looks of it now, it seemed that just based on the amount of effort she spent to memorise the medical book, she already has the capital to take a cut above the others!”

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This room was originally very small so those spectators’ discussions naturally wouldn’t escape Shu Yali’s ears .

Hearing everyone praising her in such a way, the delight on her face was even more evident as she raised her chin and turned towards Huang Yueli .

“Alright, I’m done reciting, it’s your turn now! Don’t say that I’m bullying an ordinary person like you . This Junior Brother, choose a simpler paragraph for her and that will do!”

Shu Yali intentionally acted magnanimous as she said that but her heart was already overflowing with flowers which had blossomed!

Very soon, she will be able to chase out this useless vase away and gain the quota which originally should belong to her Junior Sister for her!

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The youngster nodded his head and said, “Then let’s do a simple one, first page first paragraph!”

Shu Yali smiled, “This is good! First page first paragraph, no matter how young the child is, as long as they’ve tried to memorise this book, they will definitely be able to recite out this paragraph! The judge has already let water out for you! This is all due to Divine Doctor Liu’s face!”

This sentence was really filled with a villainous intent because that was equivalent to say that if Huang Yueli wasn’t able to recite out this paragraph, it would really mean that she couldn’t even match up to a three year old!

The delightful smile hung on the corner of her lips as she stared hard at Huang Yueli and waited for her to open her mouth .

Not only her, the others were also looking towards Huang Yueli .