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Chapter 1954: 1954
Chapter 1954: Can’t even match up to a three year old (2)

The young lady was stunned for a moment but immediately puffed out her chest as she spoke out proudly, “I’m Shu Yali, Elder Wang’s direct disciple . Nineteen years old this year and became a third ranked Pill Master one year ago!”

Huang Yueli slowly nodded her head, “So it’s Senior Sister Shy, became a third ranked Pill Master when you’re just eighteen years old, indeed a pill refining genius!”

When Shu Yali heard that, she spoke out as though it was a matter of course, “At least you have good insight . Third ranked Pill Masters under twenty one years old are extremely rare and this time in the assessment among the apprentices that Divine Doctor Dai had chosen, I am ranked first place! That Junior Sister whom you had replaced, is also extremely talented . She’s just sixteen years old and she had already completed all the second tiered medicinal refinement, not too far away from a third ranked Pill Master! It’s all because of you, who snatched away her well-deserved chance!”

Shu Yali glowered at Huang Yueli, as she berated her while feeling aggrieved .

Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t hear a thing and her senses were calm when she spoke out, “Senior Sister Shu, you said that when you were seven years old, you could already recite the book backwards smoothly? Are you really that incredible?”

Shu Yali scoffed disapprovingly, “Of course! My memory is very good, and I’m famous for that! As a Pill Master, having a good memory is one of the most important innate skills! Otherwise if you need to check what medicinal herbs you need every single time, then there’s no way to refine pills! Do you understand?”

Huang Yueli nodded and smiled, “Since you’re so incredible, why not let’s have a bet, how about it?”

Shu Yali had not expected her to say this suddenly as she was stumped for a moment .

“Bet? What bet?”

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Huang Yueli said, “Didn’t you say that you are able to recite the backwards smoothly? Then why not you recite one paragraph for me to listen to!”

Shu Yali was stunned as a shade of red surfaced on her face .

“You… what do you mean? Why must I recite the book for you? You’re not my Master?”

Huang Yueli’s slender long fingers were caressing the spine of the book and her actions were gentle . Those fair fingers looked like spring onions which were pleasing to the eyes .

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Even for those Pill Masters who slighted her with disdain had no choice but to admit that she was indeed a top rate exceptional beauty . Divine Doctor Liu was smitten by her beauty… was not guilty of it!

“Senior Sister Shu, you’re the one who said this kind of book is only read by a three year old and you were able to recite it backwards smoothly when you’re seven years old hence you came to humiliate me, saying that I’m trash isn’t it? Since you’ve already put things across like this, you should at least prove it to me isn’t it? If you’re not able to recite it, then it proved that those abuses that you hurled at me earlier are all purely slander! You should apologize to me!”

Huang Yueli’s expression underwent an abrupt change and her voice turned cold and stern .

She was emitting a horrifying aura .

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All the Pill Masters present were shaken by that and for that one instance, they thought that they saw a peerless top exponent from the Sky Chart appearing right here!

Shu Yali also had a fright as she subconsciously took a step backwards .

Huang Yueli asked, “Why? Do you dare to bet or not? To you, it should be just a matter of opening your mouth, or it is right to say that… you were just boasting earlier and you actually can’t recite it at all? The so called genius Pill Master, is actually just boasting? I finally understand… . . ”

Shu Yali originally wanted to reject but on hearing that, her face turned a deep shade of red immediately .

Whatever words of rejection which she had in her mouth, were all unable to be said out .

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be akin to admitting that she was someone who angled for fame?