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Chapter 1953: Can’t even match up to a three year old (1)
Chapter 1953: Can’t even match up to a three year old (1)

Whoever knew that after Huang Yueli found the answer that she wanted, she totally ignored her as she casted her aside and lowered her head to continue reading the medical book .

The young lady was ignored like this and was extremely infuriated .

She didn’t knew how to refine pills, nor did she had the cultivation innate talent like ordinary people, on what basis did she have to be so arrogant! She even monopolised the Male God in every female disciple’s heart! This was simply unjust!

Alas, with Huang Yueli’s identity right there, other than making a few sarcastic comments, there wasn’t anything that she could do .

Her eyes took a turn and her vision landed the medical book in Huang Yueli’s hands .

On one look, she couldn’t help but burst out giggling, “Heavens, have I seen this wrongly? There’s actually someone who would read such a low grade, boring medical book and even do so this delightfully! You really don’t know anything about pill refining? This is something which a three year old child will read!”

She intentionally said it out loudly and originally those Pill Masters who had already left, on hearing this, all started to crowd around them again .

Everyone fixed their eyes to realise that the book which Huang Yueli was holding was the .

This book, to Pill Masters, wasn’t unfamiliar at all . In fact, it could be described as overly familiar . Because this was the entry level book with the most basic foundation for all Pill masters and anyone who wanted to learn pill refining skills, no matter how their innate talent or foundation was, they must read this book .

In the book, it recorded thousands of medicinal herbs’ characteristics, medicinal effects, storage and methods of planting them . It could be said that all the common species in Soaring Heavens Continent were all listed within .

It was Huang Yueli’s first time seeing this book .

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Initially, she was merely flipping through it out of boredom but after she read the first few pages, she actually found it meaningful and was slowly entranced .

Her speed of reading was very fast and in just a quarter of an hour, she had already flipped through one hundred over pages .

Alas, when she was reading, a housefly kept buzzing around her ears non-stop .

Moreover it wasn’t only her, the other Pill Masters also started to whisper .

“It really is book! She’s actually reading this book!”

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“What Junior Sister Shu said is correct, this is something that we studied when we were three year old, she’s actually reading…”

“Sigh, it’s no wonder . She’s not a Pill Master and this news has already gone round the entire Guild! She’s just a pretty vase . ”

“I’ve not expected that Divine Doctor Liu would be no different from the shallowest men under the skies . As long as the woman is beautiful, they don’t care if they have any inner quality or not, this is so disappointing…”

“Just rely on her face to climb up, why must she come snatch our quota? This is just too much!”

The discussions became louder and louder, and it was so noisy that Huang Yueli no longer had the mood to read the book any further .

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She frowned and shut the book while slamming it on the table with a loud bam .

Those Pill Masters who were wilfully ridiculing her without any restraint then regained their senses as they were evidently slightly embarrassed .

But the first young lady who started all these didn’t put on any guilty expression . Instead she put on a just and forceful look as she sneered at Huang Yueli .

“Why? What do you mean by that? Have I said this wrongly? This kind of thing which is meant for little children to read, I know it so well that I could recite it backwards when I was just seven years old . It’s only trash like you who would be so interested in it!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her brows rose slightly but she didn’t fly into a rage like everyone expected . Instead she gave a slight smile .

“This Senior Sister, may I know your name?”