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Chapter 1952: 1952

If she was first place in the assessment, she would definitely not be chased away .

After Feng Zhensheng brought them to the rear courtyard, he just briefed them simply .

“All of you should know just how difficult it is to be able to do your apprenticeship here at Divine Doctor Dai’s! Divine Doctor Dai had always been strict in his requests so everyone please perk up all your senses and cherish this chance properly! Otherwise if you’re chased out of the Alchemist Guild by Divine Doctor Dai, then you can only blame it on your own bad luck!”

Saying that, he secretly took a look at Huang Yueli as he turned and left .

Huang Yueli noticed the gaze which he gave her before he left and was feeling puzzled in her heart .

“You’re Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee Bai Ruoli?”

Hearing that question, Huang Yueli went into a slight daze as she lifted her head up .

Just as she was in a daze earlier, the other seven Pill Master apprentices had all walked over and surrounded her in the middle . The gazes which they casted upon her were filled with suspicions and hatred .

Huang Yueli’s brows rose, “That’s right, I am . What teachings would you like to enlighten me on?”

A tall built young lady gave a sneer and said, “How would we dare to enlighten you about anything? Just one word from President Feng and my Junior Sister had been chased away and replaced by someone like you who doesn’t know a single thing at all!”

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With her spearheading this lead, the rest of the others all started to ridicule at the unfairness .

“That’s right, all of us expended so much effort to take part in so many assessments before getting this quota! You merely hugged Divine Doctor Liu’s tight to smuggle in? I think you totally don’t know what pill refining is about right!”

“Hmph, I hate those women who relied on a man to climb up! We Pill Masters rely on innate talent and ability and not beauty!”

Huang Yueli took a look at their indignant looks and shrugged her shoulders as she didn’t say a single word .

She was able to understand their feelings hence she didn’t feel particularly upset but she didn’t have the habit of sitting there to hear other people scold her .

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Hence Huang Yueli ignored them and stood up as she walked to one side . Picking up a medical book on the table, she started flipping through it .

These Pill Master apprentices were still young after all and on seeing her ignoring them, they instantly felt that it was senseless to continue and went off on their own, resuming the activities which they were working on earlier .

Only the tall young lady, giving a hard stare at Huang Yueli, “I’m telling you, don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Although you have Divine Doctor Liu as your support to smuggle in, but Divine Doctor Dai’s request had always been ridiculously high and he had a fiery temper so he would not give face to Divine Doctor Liu at all! For someone like you who doesn’t know anything, you’d probably be chased out of the doors by tomorrow!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli lifted her head to take a look at her .

“Why? Divine Doctor Dai’s temper isn’t very good?”

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When the young lady heard that, she immediately raised her chin and gave an arrogant reply, “Why? Don’t you know about this? Divine Doctor Dai’s temper is extremely fiery, especially to the apprentices and assistants under him, his requests are abnormally harsh! I heard that there was once an apprentice who made a mistake accidentally and was thrown to the rear mountain as forced labour and later on, he was thrown out of the Alchemist Guild directly! Just you wait and see, by then, you’d have your share of cries!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she nodded her head, “No wonder…”

She finally understood why Feng Zhensheng wanted to trick her over to Dai Boqi’s side .

So, they were still thinking of ideas on how to chase her out of the Alchemist Guild then finding ways to get rid of her .

They really had impassable evil intentions!

When the young lady saw her expression turning grave, she thought that she was afraid and spoke out delightfully, “How? Now do you know how to be frightened?”