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Chapter 1947
Chapter 1947: Freeloader (4)

Huang Yueli blinked but didn’t say a word .

Feng Zhensheng realised that she didn’t take the bait and anxiously added, “Young Miss Bai, a veteran Pill Master, in order to raise the efficiency of pill refining, would always find an assistant to help them . Every time Divine Doctor Liu refines medicine, many young female Pill Masters would be fighting to become his assistant . This lone man and woman, if they were to stay together for a couple of nights, would you be assured?”

Huang Yueli was pondering over this as she said, “President Feng means… . . ”

Feng Zhensheng hurriedly added, “If you are able to learn how to distribute the medicinal ingredients yourself, then won’t you be able to help Divine Doctor Liu arrange his medicinal herbs? It will also inevitably stop the other young ladies from having the chance to take advantage of the void, don’t you think so?”

After Feng Zhensheng finished his words, he started straight at Huang Yueli, just waiting for her to nod her head and later jumping up to show her gratitude .

The result was, whoever knew that, Huang Yueli retained the dazed look on her face as she said innocently, “President Feng, you must have thought too much into this? I have never seen Brother Liu needing any assistant when he’s refining pills, he doesn’t seem to have this habit?”

The minute she said that, even Huang Yueli herself was slightly surprised .

How did she know that Liu Buyan normally didn’t require an assistant? Could it be that her memory had recovered?

But after thinking about this carefully, she felt a little headache and plus the fact that the occasion wasn’t right, she could only give up on this .

Feng Zhensheng was evidently stunned for a moment and the expression on his face turned slightly stiff .

“Ughh, have you seen Divine Doctor Liu refine pill before?”

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Actually, to this question, Huang Yueli herself didn’t know the answer but she knew how she should reply to this question so she nodded her head without any hesitation, “I know, we are fiancé and fiancée so when Brother Liu refines pills, of course he wouldn’t avoid me right?”

“Hehe, so it’s like this… . . ” Feng Zhensheng laughed dryly and for a moment in time, he didn’t know how to continue from here .

High ranking Pill Masters mostly had many exclusive prescriptions and special ways of refining pills so when they were refining pills, most of them were taboo about others watching them, unless the audience were their own disciples who would then have a chance to take a look by the side .

Even if there were assistants, generally after they had arranged the medicinal ingredients, they would deliver it to the entrance of the Pill refining room and leave .

Liu Buyan actually didn’t put up any guard against this young lass who had no abilities at all? It was simply out of one’s expectations…

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Feng Zhensheng’s expression wasn’t very well but there was someone who was even unhappier than him .

“Bai Ruoli, stop trying to boast! How would Divine Doctor Liu possibly allow you to see him refine pills? A wretched woman like you, obviously fawned on him just because of his status and identity! How could he possibly not guard against you?”

A sharp piercing voice was heard and immediately following that, Feng Xiaoyan appeared right at the entrance of the door .

She had been eavesdropping outside the door just waiting to see Huang Yeuli run into bad luck, but in the end she actually heard such abstract loving words .

Although Huang Yueli really didn’t mean it and she absolutely had no intention of showing off, but to Feng Xiaoyan’s ears, these words were still as sharp as a needle, making her heart feel bouts of sharp pain!

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Even for an outstanding Pill Master genius like her who wanted to learn the skills of pill refining from Liu Buyan, it was absolutely something impossible!

Even if she wanted to be his assistant, she had been rejected without any hesitation . Liu Buyan didn’t even avoid the taboo as he just said it was all to keep his secrecy!

But now that he met this wretched lass Bai Ruoli, he need not keep his secrecy any longer?

This wretched lass’s pure and innocent look was all pretence and her bones were more vicious and sinister than anyone else!

Divine Doctor Liu had been cheated by her!