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Chapter 1948: 1948
Chapter 1948: Freeloader (5)

Feng Xiaoyan was so exasperated that she couldn’t endure it and ran out .

When Huang Yueli heard Feng Xiaoyan’s utterly discomfited scolding, not only was she not angry, she even revealed a sliver of smile at her .

“Young Miss Feng, judging from your energetic and booming voice, the injury on your fingers… should have recovered already?”

This was really mentioning the pot that didn’t boil as Feng Xiaoyan’s expression changed and her fingers started to hurt once again .

Recalling yesterday night, where so many doctors were crowded around her giving her treatment for such a long time, eventually all of them shook their heads as they left with sunken expressions… her heart was simply bleeding!

“Bai Ruoli, you slut! You intentionally stepped on my fingers yesterday, don’t you think that you can bluff all the Elders and get over this! I will not let you off!”

Huang Yueli put on an extremely startled look as she drew in a breath of cold air .

“This… . what are you saying! Yesterday was really an accident! How would I have expected that you would roll of the chair in front of so many people, all across the entire main hall, just nicely rolling behind me… . . ”

For someone who was famous for being a dignified young daughter rolled around like a ball, in a dishevelled state so this matter was one of the most embarrassing matters that happened to Feng Xiaoyan .

She had not expected Huang Yueli to speak about this matter the minute she spoke out and it angered Feng Xiaoyan so much that her seven orifices were smoking .

“Little slut, you’re looking for death!!”

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Feng Xiaoyan was flustered and exasperated as she dashed up and wanted to hit her .

Huang Yueli took a misstep and evaded her with ease .

At the same time, Feng Zhensheng had also reacted over as he hastily blocked himself in between the both of them while frowning, “Enough! Yan’er, I am talking about official matters with Young Miss Bai! You just suddenly ran out and even spew such slanderous speech, what do you mean by this? If anyone else were to hear this, wouldn’t they say that I Feng Zhensheng doesn’t know how to discipline my daughter?”

Feng Zhensheng was feeling dissatisfied . Originally the both of them had already discussed this and he was to persuade her with kind words in order to make her fall into their trap but in the end, Feng Xiaoyan had actually lost her cool!

Popping out at this very moment and hurling abuses at Huang Yueli, wasn’t this spoiling their proper business?

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His harsh tone seemed to have jolted Feng Xiaoyan and after giving Huang Yueli a vicious stare, she temporarily shut her gap .

Feng Zhensheng hurriedly coughed as he said, “Young Miss Bai, This President advices you to think about this carefully . This time the person who is recruiting Pill Master apprentices is not anyone else, but Divine Doctor Liu’s Master . This is a good opportunity whereby all the younger disciples in the Alchemist Guild were fighting over and it’s exactly because your relationship with Divine Doctor Liu, hence the elderly man agreed to recruit you…”

When he said that, it made Huang Yueli shocked .

“What? You’re saying… . Liu Buyan’s Master? Is his Master still alive?”

“Presumptuous, what thing are you? How dare you say that about Divine Doctor Dai?” Feng Xiaoyan couldn’t help but scolded out .

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“Yan’er!” Feng Zhensheng stared at her before he continued speaking to Huang Yueli, “I did not imagine that you also knew about Divine Doctor Dai’s matters? This President knows that there are rumours in the outside world that Divine Doctor Dai has already passed on . Actually, he had been living in seclusion in the Alchemist Guild Headquarters and had not been bothered about the worldly affairs for many years . ”

“So it’s like this…” Huang Yueli nodded her head .

She seemed to have recalled something blurry from long ago .

It seemed that she had indeed heard about this, that Liu Buyan was an offspring from a prestigious family and his Master Dai Boqi was a ninth ranked Pill Master . But later on the disciple surpassed the Master so he automatically yielded on the title of the Number One Divine Doctor .