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Chapter 1946: 1946
Chapter 1946: Freeloader (3)

“Now all the Elders already believe that she is innocent and you don’t have any hard evidence to prove that she had indeed harmed you intentionally! Moreover her identity is that of Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee so if we don’t have any evidence, it’s not possible for her to be punished at all . ”

Feng Zhensheng’s expression was gloomy as his tone slowly started to analyse the situation .

Feng Xiaoyan was stuffed for words as her expression turned extremely ugly .

After the farce today, her trustworthiness had already gone bankrupt and the Elders were no longer willing to believe in her .

Feng Zhensheng said, “Anyway for this matter, we have to consider at length…”

Suddenly, Feng Xiaoyan seemed to have thought of something as her eyes lit up, “Father! I have an idea! I have a way to make Bai Ruoli scram out of the Alchemist Guild


Feng Zhensheng went into a blank, “What idea?”

Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes flashed past a cold intent as she spoke out chillingly, “Father indeed cannot make her leave for no reason but there is someone who is different . If that someone chased that little slut away, I’m sure even Divine

Doctor Liu won’t dare to say anything much right?”

Feng Zhensheng’s glare turned profound, “You mean to say… . That person?”

Feng Xiaoyan nodded vigorously, “That’s right! Since we have no evidence, then we shouldn’t keep tangling about the matter regarding the Books Depository so if we make that wretched lass commit a big offence, then chase her out of the

Alchemist Guild then take care of her, can’t we just do that? As long as we send her over to that person’s side, a trash like her would probably not last for even three days and she would be chased out! By then…”

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Feng Zhensheng listened carefully to what she was saying and after doing some computation in his heart, a smile slowly surfaced on his face .

“You’re the intelligent one, then… . Let’s do it in this way!”

The next morning, Huang Yueli had just woke up when she was brought over to Feng Zhensheng’s courtyard .

Feng Zhengsheng was considered to be rather courteous to her as he made the servants brought tea and snacks over .

But Huang Yueli was holding on to the tea cup as she didn’t put on any expression but she kept on brooding over this in her heart .

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After yesterday’s conflict, Feng Zhensheng father and daughter duo had already made a fool . out of themselves and yet today he still dared to look for her, and in such a friendly manner so it was just too abnormal!

If something was too abnormal, there must be something phantom about it!

She had to guard against him carefully .

As expected, after drinking the tea, Feng Zhensheng opened his mouth and tried to probe, “Young Miss Bai, I’ve already sent someone to find out about this . Divine Doctor Liu’s consultation this round needs a total of ten over days and he might not even be able to make it back by then! You should feel very bored in the Guild right? Have you thought about finding something to do while you’re here?”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose, “What kind of things?”

Feng Zhensheng replied, “Have you not considered about learning something related to refining pills? Divine Doctor Liu is Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Pill Master but you know nothing about pill refining at all so how are the two of you going to sing in harmony in future?”

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Huang Yueli heard that and placed the tea cup back on the table as she smiled and said, “President Feng’s words indeed is logical but I heard that in order to become a Pill Master, one must at least have third grade talent and above in both Wood and Fire attributes! For someone like me, there should be no hope right?”

Feng Zhensheng fiddled with his mustache as he laughed, “Hehe, although Young Miss Bai doesn’t have Wood and Fire attributed innate talent, but you’re attentive and meticulous so you’re suited very much to be a Pill Master’s assistant . ”

“Assistant? What does that role do?” Huang Yueli asked curiously .

Feng Zhensheng was beaming as he replied to her question, “An assistant’s job is to help the Pill Master tidy up the medicinal herbs, to sort out the medicinal ingredients . ”