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Chapter 1940: 1940
Chapter 1940: You want her, or you want your life? (3)

Unfortunately, Liu Buyan had never witnessed personally the dog legged look which Li Moying usually put on to please his own fiancée . Otherwise he probably wouldn’t have such self-confidence .

Anyway, Liu Buyan felt that he had already done very well and as compared to Li Moying, he would only be much better, and not possibly much worse .

But Huang Yueli had never taken a serious look at him in the eye .

Every time he tried to get close to Huang Yueli, or had a more intimate interaction with her, she would always evade subconsciously .

Moreover, although she had already exceeded the dosage of the Unfettered Void Memory medicine by several times, the minute she heard Li Moying’s name, she immediately started having nightmares .

Evidently, it showed how deep her conviction was in her heart! It reflected just how important was Li Moying to her!

What Li Moying said was right, that young lass’ heart only had Li Moying, and not him Liu Buyan!

Thinking of this, the flame of jealousy which hibernated in Liu Buyan’s heart suddenly burned vigorously in an instance .

“Li Moying, are you very complacent? You believe so firmly that Bai Ruoli will never betray you? What if I say, that she’s already mine?” Liu Buyan lifted up his chin provocatively .


Li Moying suddenly sprung up from the bed with a furious look as his eyes were staring ferociously at Liu Buyan, with terrifying blood veins popping out .

“Liu Buyan, you’re seeking death!”

Li Moying could no longer control himself as his right hand raised and a surging thunder attributed Profound Energy was unleashed from his body, directly charging towards Liu Buyan’s chest!

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Liu Buyan gave a cold smile as he lifted his hand to block it . Originally he thought that he could resist against it without much effort but in the instance that he got into contact with that gust of Profound Energy, his expression changed abruptly!

“Damn it!”

Wasn’t this man almost about to die? Wasn’t he so frail that he almost couldn’t leave the bed? Why… . was it that when he struck out, his ability was still so terrifying? Was he really that powerful?”

Liu Buyan’s brain flashed past many thoughts but his body was already unable to react in time as he was pushed back by ten over steps before he could barely steady himself .

The corner of his lips spilled several drops of blood .

Whereas for Li Moying’s condition, it was much worse than his by several folds!

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This time the sudden explosion seemed to have drained the last surviving life force from his body . His face turned extremely pale and he was on the verge of collapse . He finally could not hold on as he fell onto the bed .

Liu Buyan used his hang to cover his mouth as he coughed a few times then looking at the blood which flowed down in between his fingers, the cold intention grew beneath his eyes .

He walked slowly towards Li Moying’s bedside .

“Indeed the once Number One top expert in the Continent! Still so powerful even though you’re about to die! Alas, you’ve wasted too much Profound Energy, are you feeling that her head is in even more pain now? Your consciousness became even more blurry? En? You’ve already turned out like this and Bai Ruoli still didn’t come over to take a look at you, do you really think that she still remembers you?”

Li Moying gave a dull moan as he abruptly opened his eyes and stared fiercely at Liu Buyan .

“You… you’re looking for death! Cough cough, Li… . Li’er’s reputation, isn’t something that you can smear at will!”

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Li Moying didn’t believe that Huang Yueli would throw herself into Liu Buyan’s arms . Just how intelligent and stubborn that young lass was, he was clearer on this than anyone else .

Even if Liu Buyan used force on her and was able to get her physical body, but he absolutely could not gain her heart!

Even though he knew this clearly, but on hearing Liu Buyan saying such stuff, it still made him lose his rationality in an instant .

As long as he was alive, he would absolutely not allow her to become another person’s woman .