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Chapter 1939: 1939
Chapter 1939: You want her, or you want your life? (2)

If it wasn’t for the fact that Liu Buyan knew about his current condition, just based on Li Moying’s outlook, one totally would not be able to tell just how seriously injured he was .

Li Moying raised his eyes to take a look at him as he spoke icily, “Where’s Li’er? Are you the one who abducted her? Where is she now?”

His first sentence was to ask about Huang Yueli’s whereabouts .

Liu Buyan had long expected him to ask about this as he intentionally raised his eyebrows and said, “Why? You can’t even keep an eye on your own fiancee and instead you’re asking me about this? For an incompetent man like you, it’s better for you to be dead!”

Li Moying’s face sank as he barked sharply, “Liu Buyan! Don’t try to act as if you know nothing! That day Li’er chased after you and later on, she disappeared along with you . If you’re not the one who brought her away, who else could it be?”

Liu Buyan shrugged his shoulders indifferently when he heard this and said, “This sentence of yours is illogical, why is it me who brought her away? She could have left with me willingly on her own accord isn’t it? You’re obviously not going to live for long right now and Young Miss Bai is young and beautiful with outstanding talent . Don’t tell me she’s supposed to waste her youth on a trash like you? She also has the right to look for another more dependable, and more powerful man right?”

Liu Buyan intentionally said that, in order to agitate Li Moying .

However, Li Moying merely sneered and didn’t appear to be too agitated .

“Liu Buyan, what are you trying to say? Did you think that I would believe your gibberish? My woman, I know myself clearly that she will absolutely not betray me! What on earth have you done to her? Have you locked her up? I’m telling you, if she suffered a single bit of injury, I will absolutely make you pay an unforgettable price of your entire lifetime!”

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For so many years, Li Moying had always been the Number One exponent in the Continent as his prestige accumulated over time .

Even though he was suffering from an untreatable serious injury, the aura coming from him was still pressurizing .

While he was conversing, it was naturally revealed .

Under his powerful suppression, Liu Buyan subconsciously felt fear .

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But he quickly regained his senses as he gave a cold laugh, “This sentence is put rather beautifully! Alas, based on your current condition, what ability do you have to make me pay the price? Moreover speaking, I didn’t lock Bai Ruoli up at all . She didn’t return to your side on her own, naturally because she doesn’t like you any longer! So you can go in peace!”

Li Moying’s gaze was chilly, “Don’t you worry, I will absolutely not die so easily before I find Huang Yueli! I don’t believe a single word of yours! You must have used some underhanded methods to control Li’er . Did you think that resorting to such methods, you will be able to retain her? Too bad, no matter what you do, you will never be able to obtain her heart forever!”

Li Moying’s words poked right at Liu Buyan’s Archiles’ heel .

This period of time, he made Huang Yueli drink the Unfettered Void Memory medicine and also brainwashed her, falsely assuming identity as her fiance . He even spent everyday together with her, not leaving her alone, showing her care and concern and his meticulous care .

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He self-professed that what he had done had matched up to Li Moying .

In terms of ability, the current him was above Li Moying . In terms of status, he was the Number One Divine Doctor whom everyone tried hard to please, so he might not be any worse off than the Number One Sacred Land’s Sovereign .

Furthermore, he totally didn’t believe that a haughty temperament man like Li Moying would stoop himself to personally take care of Huang Yueli’s everyday life .