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Chapter 1941: 1941
Chapter 1941: You want her, or you want your life? (4)

Even though it was just saying, he totally couldn’t accept it!

By now, Liu Buyan had already walked right next to Li Moying’s bed side and firmly stopped at an extremely near distance in front of him as he looked downwards at him from high up .

“Why? You thought that this would never happen? Do you have that much confidence in Bai Ruoli? Alas, no matter how firm your feelings are for each other, you’re going to be a dead man immediately! As long as you die, there will be a day when she will forget about you and she will definitely fall in love with me! Perhaps not one day, not one month then how about one year, two years, or even ten years?”

“After such a long time has passed, you’ve already become a dead person who cannot return back to life forever whereas I’m the man who remained by her side to protect her every day . Make a guess . . will she fall in love with me?”

Li Moying leaned slightly against the bedhead and kept panting as his sweat rained down on him .

His primordial spirit was extremely fragile and it had already gone beyond the verge of collapse any time .

Earlier he had already extinguished all his might to strike out against Liu Buyan, which pushed him towards the danger zone even further!

Right now, he was feeling dizzy and his head kept on buzzing . His head was in so much pain that it seemed as though it might split open any time .

But Liu Buyan’s voice was obviously right next to his ear . However when he heard his voice, it seemed as though it was very roving, as though it came from a far, far place .

But Liu Buyan’s words were able to pierce his heart deeply .

Right, he was going to go soon, so no matter how much he was unwilling to die, but… now that things came to such a pass, he had no choice but to admit that the powerful him eventually had things which he was unable to do . There was also an unsurpassable enemy, and that was… . death .

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He had reigned the world as he looked with disdain from the corner of his eye, so originally he should have no more regrets but as he fell in love with a woman, it made him unwilling to leave, and neither could he let it go .

He didn’t dare to imagine the things which would happen after his death .

Because if Huang Yueli fell in love with another person, he was afraid that even if he was dead, he would not be able to rest in peace as he would climb out of his coffin out of jealousy!

But if she really couldn’t forget about him for the rest of his life, staying alone for him for her entire life, he couldn’t bear for it to happen… . .

Li Moying was actually very clear that if his love was generous enough, he didn’t need Liu Buyan to hand Huang Yueli over . He should even encourage them to be together .

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This was because Liu Buyan was obviously true to his Li’er and moreover based on the many years of friendship and mutual understanding which they had, as a man, Liu Buyan was absolutely trustworthy .

After his death, if Li’er wanted to be with him, she should… should be able to lead a blissful life… .

Li Moying knew that he should do this but unfortunately, he was unable to do it!

It was until now that he realised that he was actually such a selfish man! He was… . and no matter what he couldn’t do it . He couldn’t even imagine the scenario, because this made his heart ache thoroughly!

He shivered and was unable to respond to Liu Buyan’s question, and… he didn’t dare to respond .

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However, Liu Buyan refused to give in and instead he went even nearer to him .

“You know what I mean . Bai Ruoli will eventually be mine so no matter how you struggle now, it’s totally a waste of your effort… isn’t it?”

Keep on daydreaming!

Continue to get carried away by your wishful thinking!

Li Moying wanted badly to hurl these words on his face then take care of this man who was coveting his Li’er viciously, just as what he did numerous times to the other pursuers of Huang Yueli’s .

But, he could only shut his eyes tightly as he couldn’t speak out a single word at all .