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Chapter 1933
Chapter 1933: Acting like a fool (9)

When the guard heard that, he was so scared that he immediately knelt down .

“President, President please have mercy! This Subordinate didn’t mean to do it on purpose! It was in a moment of negligence! Will President please show mercy! Eldest Young Miss, This Subordinate did this all for you, please help me plead for mercy!”

Feng Xiaoyan’s expression was especially ugly right now as she was berating this guard that he was a dumbass who deserved to die!

However, she had to rely on this guy for perjury so naturally she could only help him plead for mercy .

“Father, how can you blame this guard? It’s obviously Bai Ruoli this wretched lass who had ill intentions, she intentionally stepped on me! She has the intention to cause me to die! Father, you absolutely cannot let her off!”

Feng Xiaoyan was crying and shouting but Huang Yueli’s face had an aggrieved and innocent expression on it .

“Young Miss Feng, how could you say that of me… I…I know you have many misunderstandings towards me and you’re jealous that I am engaged to Brother Liu, but you can’t just speak at will every single time! The scenario earlier is something that everyone had witnessed, I… I really didn’t do it on purpose . ”

Huang Yueli originally looked petite and frail and after losing her memories, she had lost more weight so paired with a pair of lively big eyes, she looked even more pitiful .

Many of them instantly began to sympathise with her .

“That’s right, this matter is obviously the guard who was in the wrong, Young Miss Bai is indeed innocent!”

“Using Profound Energy to suppress ordinary people, this action is so despicable!”

“Young Miss Feng is also very strange, why does she insist on saying that Young Miss Bai had done it on purpose?”

“Could it be that it is just like what Young Miss Bai said, she’s jealous that Young Miss Bai is Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee?”

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When Feng Xiaoyan heard these words, the melancholic feeling in her heart rose to the limit and her chest was heaving up and down with urged breathing .

She had not expected that today, she originally wanted to exact revenge on Huang Yueli severely to show her some colours but in the end, after being tormented for such a long duration, Huang Yueli still remained perfectly fine .

Instead she was the unknowing one who had first revealed her ugly scarred face and later fell down awkwardly in front of everyone from her seat .

Now things became even worse because her originally untreatable fingers, once again got injured seriously!

Feng Xiaoyan’s fingers had already lost all consciousness and if this carried on, even if Liu Buyan returned, it might not be treatable at all!

What was even more fraudulent was that she was hundred percent sure that Huang Yueli had intentionally stepped on her, but she just couldn’t find any evidence to support her stand!

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Feng Xiaoyan was in pain, furious adn anxious!

Under various emotions’ clashes, she finally rolled her eyes and fainted!

“Yan’er!” Feng Zhensheng cried out in shock as he dashed up, “Quick! Men quickly! Bring Eldest Young Miss down for immediate treatment! Especially her fingers, it must be re-examined and bandaged!”

This time round, Feng Xiaoyan had no way to resist and was carried away .

Feng Zhensheng was extremely anxious but there was nothing he could do .

When he turned back, he happened to see the guard with an anxious look standing by the side and his heart instantly flew into a rage!

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“Men, drag this fellow who almost killed Eldest Young Miss down and beat him with forty strokes of the paddle!”

The guard was overwhelmed with horror as he cried out loudly to plead for mercy, “President please show mercy, please show mercy! I can explain!”

But Feng Zhensheng had already lost all rationality because of his daughter’s injury as he totally didn’t listen to what he was saying . He waved his hand and got his men to drag him away .

Following that, in a courtyard not too far away, the crackling sound of beating of flesh was heard .