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Chapter 1934: 1934
Chapter 1934: Acting like a fool (10)

When this entered the Elders’ ears, they all revealed a disturbed look .

Actually, all of them knew that the guard was rather innocent .

Feng Xiaoyan was injured once again, the root cause of it, was because she herself was asking for it . She insisted on staying in the front hall, refusing to leave hence the accident happened . It wasn’t intentional for the guard to do that .

But Feng Zhensheng was still angry and no one dared to go against him .

After a moment later, the guard was dragged back to the main hall and his injury was extremely severe . He sprawled flat on the ground and his forehead was filled with sweat as he panted heavily with a pale expression .

Feng Zhensheng refused to take another look at him as he waved his hand and said, “Drag him down and lock him up!”

“Wait a minute!” Huang Yueli walked out at this moment and stopped him .

“President Feng, if I haven’t got it wrong, previously I said that I wanted a confrontation with this guard and the Pill Master but in the end before I had even finished with my questions, is this matter considered as closed?”

“This… . . ” Feng Zhensheng’s face sunk!

The fire in the Books Depository was the underlying reason for Feng Xiaoyan’s crippled fingers so how could he close this matter so readily?

“Alright, tell us clearly how you wish to explain the scenario at that moment!”

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Huang Yueli nodded her head and not wasting any time, she walked over to the female Pill Master directly and continued with her questioning, “This young lady, I’d like to ask . According to what you said, after I argued with Feng Xiaoyan, we even started fighting?”

After the young lady experienced the unforeseen event earlier, she was slightly shocked into a daze .

She had not expected Huang Yueli to suddenly ask her any questions again .

The young lady went into a blank before she spoke out, “Right… yes, later on the both of you started fighting and we all came forward to pull you apart, but we weren’t able to do so!”

“At that time… was this guard around as well?”

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Huang Yueli casted a sideway glance at the heavily injured guard but he sprawled there in a half dead condition, totally not moving at all, nor did he give a reply .

The young lady could only answer on his behalf, “Right! He saw this then as well, and there were other guards, so if he can’t testify, you can go invite the other guards over… . . ”

Huang Yueli didn’t wait for her to finish her words and shook her head, “No need, I just wanted to ask you one question . Feng Xiaoyan is a fifth stage realm practitioner whereas I’m just an ordinary person . Why is it that I fought with her and yet she still couldn’t beat me? Pill Masters like you all, have rather good cultivation levels, why… can’t you pull us apart?”

The young lady was stunned momentarily, “Ah? Ughh… this… right! We Pill Masters are usually very refined so since when have we ever seen such a fighting scene? We simply missed out the fact that we weren’t able to use Profound Energy, hence allowing you to fill the void!”

“So it’s like this… . . ” Huang Yueli nodded her head .

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“Mn, right, it’s like this! I’m just too kind hearted and didn’t feel good about beating you but I did not expect that you actually kicked me, hurting my wrist into such a state!” The young lady spoke as though she was making a solemn vow .

Huang Yueli gave a cold smile and said, “You are inexperienced in combat and that’s true but how about the few guards who were present? They are all genuine practitioners, is it even possible that they weren’t able to pull some lower cultivation levelled ladies apart? I’ve already hurt your Young Miss but not only did they not stop me, they were even watching from the side?”

“This… . ” The young lady was rendered speechless as her expression turned ugly .

She went on to brace herself as she persisted in what she said, “No matter what you say, these are all facts!”