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Chapter 1932
Chapter 1932: Acting like a fool (8)

Furthermore, after Huang Yueli stepped on her, she was evidently at a loss as her body swaggered to the left and the right, almost about to fall .

She stood unsteadily and her feet kept moving around . She was stepping on Feng Xiaoyan’s fingers and grinded it here and there, almost just short of breaking off her fingers alive!

“AH–! AH–!”

Fegn Xiaoyan was so pained that she almost fainted, as she burst out miserably as though they were slaughtering pigs .

Those present were all shocked by the change of events and it took quite a moment later when someone managed to respond .

A female attendant dashed out and held on to Huang Yueli before she “barely” managed to steady herself and nudged to one side . But on her face, there was still a panicky expression on it .

“Hea . . heavens! Scared me to death! It was really horrifying earlier, so horrifying!” She patted her chest hard .

Feng Xiaoyan had already fainted and regained consciousness and on seeing Huang Yueli’s back, she couldn’t wait to bite her to death alive!

Alas, she wasn’t able to get up at all and could only shout out loudly, “Bai Ruoli! You… you vicious despicable slut, in front of so many people, you… you actually did such a vicious thing, attempting to break my fingers off! Everyone saw it with your own eyes! This time round, she did this in front of everyone! Father, Elders, you must help me reclaim justice!”

Feng Xiaoyan’s voice cried out mournfully, as she cried bitterly while lying prostrate .

Feng Zhensheng heard her mournful cries as his fury in his heart grew even more resentful .

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He turned around and stared at Huang Yueli with an ominous glint in his eyes . “Young Miss Bai, what’s going on! We have yet to clear up the matter from a few days ago and now you’re dealing Yan’er with such a vicious move again! You… do you still know that this is the Alchemist Guild?”

Huang Yueli’s pretty large eyes instantly grew rounded as her eyes were filled with terror and innocence .

“President Feng, how could you say that of me? I… I’d never thought that I’d step on Young Miss Feng! I’m really sorry, but earlier I was really badly frightened! Earlier that guard brother was so fierce and there’s a terrifying aura that kept coming near to me . I wanted to vomit and my chest hurt so much, so I couldn’t help but keep retreating backwards… . And for a moment, I forgot that Young Miss Feng was standing right behind me…”

Saying that, she hurriedly turned around and looked at Feng Xiaoyan with a worried look .

“Young Miss Feng, I’m sorry, really sorry! I really didn’t do it intentionally, I almost fainted from fright earlier! I also don’t know what’s wrong with me? Could it be that I’ve fallen ill?”

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She intentionally put on a dazed look but felt emphasizing that she suddenly felt unwell .

All the Elders’ attention were originally attracted by Feng Xiaoyan’s injury again but on hearing Huang Yueli’s explanation, they turned their gazes onto the guard once again .

Their cultivations were all very high and at least seventh stage realm and above so naturally they weren’t able to sense the Profound energy which the guard had been projecting towards Huang Yueli .

In this way, Huang Yueli’s actions earlier were explainable .

An ordinary young lady without any cultivation, being threatened and suppressed by a practitioner, losing her rationality out of fright was as normal as it could be .

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Even if she unintentionally stepped on Feng Xiaoyan’s fingers, no one could blame her for it .

If they had to put the blame on someone, it would be the person who used Profound Energy to threaten her!

Feng Zhensheng’s expression sunk as he stared fiercely at the guard by the side, “Men, drag this men who caused an injury to Eldest Young Miss to the torture room in the rear mountain!”