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Chapter 1930
Chapter 1930: Acting like a fool (6)

Huang Yueli gave an indifferent smile, “Since you can even tell us the names and the division so clearly, then this definitely is not false so at that time there must be seven people beside Young Miss Feng!”

If it was earlier, the young lady would definitely nod her head furiously .

But right now, she was a little hesitant as her expression was slightly awkward, “Right… this… should be… it’s like this… . . ”

Huang Yueli gave a slight cough as she intentionally asked, “But why do I remember that the number of people present, other than Young Miss Feng, were only five people?”

No one had expected her to ask in this way, so this was obviously setting up a trap for the young lady!

If this young lady rebutted to say that there were absolutely not five people, then she would be slapping each other’s faces!

Later on, no matter how that guard explained, there was no way to round up this lie .

Feng Xiaoyan was so anxious that she wanted to jump up but alas she was injured everywhere on her body and she totally could not get it . Instead, because of her vigorous actions, it tore at her wounds and she rolled down from the soda .

“Plop plop… . . ”

A living person suddenly rolling out from the main hall, and crashing everywhere giving off a loud sound .

All the Elders’ gazes all turned towards Feng Xiaoyan uncontrollably .

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Feng Xiaoyan rolled on the ground for a moment and she rolled to the middle of the main hall, almost rolling out of the main entrance .

Luckily, Huang Yueli lifted her foot in time, blocking the rolling momentum thus causing her to stop .

Feng Xiaoyan was feeling confused . Not only had many wounds ruptured and started to be in pain, moreover her head was also giddy as she was feeling dizzy . Although she had already stopped, she wasn’t able to react in time .

Huang Yueli saw her dazed look as she spoke out softly, “Elders, looks like Young Miss Feng’s body really isn’t very well . She was sitting on the sofa just fine earlier but she actually lost her balance and rolled down, how could she possibly recuperate properly in this manner? Perhaps she might not even be able to wait till Brother Liu’s return! It’d be best to carry her away to let her recuperate properly!”

“This… . seems like a good idea!”

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“President Feng, don’t force your daughter to hang on, it’s more important to recuperate . ”

“Right, with so many people around, we’d definitely be able to come to a fair conclusion so you’d better bring Young Miss Feng down for a rest!”

The few Elders took a look and didn’t regard it as an important matter .

Feng Xiaoyan was originally looking miserable and this fall made her even more dishevelled as her clothes were filled with dust and there were faint blood stains . Her hair which had scattered loosely made her look like a lunatic, where she didn’t look like a human nor a ghost .

Many of them had suggested this out of sympathy towards her .

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But when Feng Xiaoyan heard that, she immediately became anxious as she shouted out, “No way! Bai Ruoli, you… . don’t think of digging a pit for me to fall in! Earlier you obviously… . . did it intentionally!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “What did I do intentionally? The questions I posed are as normal as it can be, why did it become a hole? May I ask the Elders here, does anyone feel that there is any problem with my questions?”

The surrounding was silent .

It was really because the questions which Huang Yueli asked were indeed extremely ordinary so no matter who it was, they weren’t able to pick out any issues with it .

But when she really asked this, linking it to the cause and effect, it made them realise just how tricky and how précised this question was!