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Chapter 1931

Feng Xiaoyan was so exasperated that she couldn’t speak and after some time she voiced out, “You… you made the both of them answer the question separately and that’s ill intent in it! There were so many people around so it’s perfectly normal for the guard to not remember clearly the number of people so he only saw it wrongly! At that time, there were indeed seven people!”

“You risked your life running around the topic of the number of people, so what are you trying to hide? Even if the guard remembered the wrong number of people, it would not affect what had happened back then! You’re intentionally creating trouble for me, intentionally setting the place on fire to injure people!”

Feng Xiaoyan was worried that Huang Yueli would catch hold of this loophole and hurriedly changed the top, hoping to turn the attention of the Elders to another place .

When the young female Pill Master heard that, it was until then did she realise that the question which Huang Yueli asked earlier, was an obvious trap for her!

When Huang Yueli asked her about those people who were present, she totally didn’t know those people’s names, nor was she interested to listen to their testimonials .

She merely wanted to know the number of people present, and if it reflected the same number as the guard!

It was comical that she totally had not reacted in time, and even owned up delightfully at once, simply no different from an imbecile!

The young lady took a guilty look at Feng Xiaoyan and was immediately stared back at fiercely .

The young lady wanted to make amends for her mistake as she hurriedly opened her mouth, “Ri… Right! What Senior Sister Feng said is right! At that time the guards were guarding at their designated positions seriously, so how would it be possible for them to take a careful look? It’s perfectly normal that they can’t remember clearly! Young Miss Bai, it’s really meaningless for you to keep clutching on this point! Aren’t you avoiding the important and dwelling on the trival?”

Huang Yueli narrowed her eyes slightly without saying a word, as though she was thinking .

The young lady stared at the guard next to her and the guard immediately responded, as he hurried to speak in support .

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“That’s right, Young Miss Bai, you’re indeed framing me! I really just don’t remember clearly! At that time I was doing sentry guard so how could I possibly keep looking around? I am responsible for the Alchemist Guild’s safety! Young Miss Bai, you’re obviously clear on this and still intentionally asked this kind of question, what evil intentions are you harbouring?”

The guard was anxious to redeem for his mistake so he sounded very impatient .

Not only did he use words to run Huang Yueli on a bank, he even walked in front of her, hoping to use the advantage that his cultivation was much higher than her, intentionally releasing part of his Profound energy, hoping to use that pressure to cause some psychological effect on the latter .

As expected, Huang Yueli was in awe by this powerful Profound Energy and her expression immediately turned pale, retreating a few steps and not saying any words of rebuttal .

When the guard saw this, he knew it was effective!

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He immediately got excited and increased the intensity of his Profound Energy . Moreover he inched in closer, making Huang Yueli retreating continuously .


Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out .

Everyone was shocked .

The guard thought that Huang Yueli had finally collapsed by the fright that he gave her and was feeling complacent but when he fixed his eyes, he realised that the person who cried out miserably was not Huang Yueli, but – Feng Xiaoyan!

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After Feng Xiaoyan rolled down from the sofa, she wasn’t able to climb back and after rejecting the female attendants from carrying her away, she had been slumping on the floor .

Huang Yueli kept on retreating and no one knew if it was intentional or unintentional, she kept retreating towards Feng Xiaoyan’s direction .

Finally when the guard released his Profound Energy at a certain instant, she moved backwards in shock and her feet staggered as she stepped hard on Feng Xiaoyan’s fingers!

Feng Xiaoyan’s fingers were originally suffering from burns and after being stepped on hard like this, she instantly felt the pain penetrating through her lungs!