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Chapter 1929: 1929
Chapter 1929: Acting like a fool (5)

“That’s right! Young Miss Feng, don’t worry . With us around to keep watch for you, if Young Miss Bai tries to lie, we will definitely not let it go!”

“That’s right, will Young Miss Bai please continue!”

The Elders all started speaking out and no matter how unreconciled Feng Xiaoyan was, she could only swallow the words that she had back into her tummy!

At this juncture, if she were to jump out anxiously to say anything more, wasn’t it obvious to tell others that she was feeling guilty?

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Alright, I’ve already finished asking my first question and this brother guard’s reply is five! Will the Elders here please be my witness!”

The Elders all nodded their heads .

Immediately following that, Huang Yueli called out for someone to bring the female Pill Master back into the room .

When the young lady entered the room, at first instance, she gazed in the direction of the guard .

With one look, it gave her a huge shock!

Because the guard had a pale face and his expression was extremely agitated but he didn’t dare to say a single word, only hinting at her with his eyes .

The young lady did not know what question was Huang Yueli going to ask so naturally she couldn’t make out what the guard was trying to convey to her . She had a completely incomprehensible look on her face when she was pushed in front of Huang Yueli .

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Huang Yueli smiled, “Alright, this young lady, what I’m going to ask is very simple . Can you try to recall, when I went to create trouble for Feng Xiaoyan, how many people, other than yourself, were there beside Young Miss Feng?”

The young girl was extremely clear about this as the few of them had pre-arranged to meet up together to go sort out Huang Yueli .

So the young lady acted without taking time to think, “Of course . Anyone you find now is able to say the situation clearly and it’s exactly the same as what I described! I can even tell you everyone’s names . There’s President Feng’s disciple – Du Yuqing, Third Elder’s niece – Ji Minhui, Seventh Elder’s… . . ”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she calmly nodded her head and asked, “So in this case, there’s a total of seven people?”

The young lady didn’t suspect anything and in order to verify that she wasn’t lying, she immediately nodded her head, “That’s right, there’s a total of seven!”

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“Seven? Are you certain you have not remembered wrongly?” Huang Yueli frowned as she asked .

“Of course, there’s seven people! Moreover they had all witnessed the matter then and if there’s a need, you can find any of them to come testify!”

These few young ladies were all Feng Xiaoyan’s trusted aides and she had personally kept an eye on each one of them so the young lady wasn’t afraid of being exposed .

On the contrary, she believed that if these young ladies were all asked to come over for questioning and if everyone’s testimonials were all the same, that would represent that Huang Yueli was lying .

The young lady spoke as if she was enumerating her family’s valuables as she reported each and every name of the seven people to everyone .

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Saying that, she was rather delightful, feeling that her bright idea had absolutely helped Feng Xiaoyan to get out of this crisis, and she would definitely earn the praise and gratitude from the latter .

The young lady delightfully turned her head towards Feng Xiaoyan but at the next moment, she couldn’t help but shuddered!

That was because the glare which Feng Xiaoyan had shot towards her was just too terrifying, simple as though it was two blades of sharp swords seeped in poison that could not wait to stab her to death alive!

The young lady shuddered and realised that she might have possibly said the wrong thing .

Why was Feng Xiaoyan staring at her in such a horrifying way?