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Chapter 1924
Chapter 1924: You’re actually such a person! (5)

Under Feng Zhensheng’s command, the guards walked right up and wanted to bring Huang Yueli away .

Huang Yueli hurriedly cried out, “Wait a minute! I haven’t finished my words!”

However, Feng Zhensheng had already deemed her as the arsonist, and refused to listen to whatever she had to say .

“You’re still thinking of how to deny? The witnesses had already stated the situation clearly! Did you think that you can still distort the facts? I’m telling you, This President is already giving you a chance on account of Divine Doctor Liu’s face! You’re still not going to hurry and admit to your crime?”

The Elders all casted their denunciation gazes onto her .

Huang Yueli laughed coldly to herself . These Pill Masters had indeed cut themselves off from the world for too long and they had never seen much villainous people . Feng Xiaoyan’s vile acting skills, if it was outside the Sect, she totally would not be able to smuggle past this easily . But in the Armament Guild, many of them believed in this .

On seeing the guards already closing in, Huang Yueli slowly nudged a step to the side .

This seeming small move, was actually a marvel as it coincidentally avoided the guard’s action of capturing her .

The guards caught empty air and were about to make a move again .

Huang Yueli’s right hand rose as she held the token in her hands which she had retrieved from the secret compartment earlier .

“President Feng, you can’t capture me as you please! Before Brother Liu left, he passed me this identity token and said that no matter what accident I get into in the Alchemist Guild, as long as I have this token, no one can punish me!”

When Feng Zhensheng heard this, he went into a blank before looking at her hand .

When he finally had a clear look at what she was holding up in her hand, he rubbed his eyes in disbelief, assuming that he had seen it wrongly .

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“This… is Divine Doctor Liu’s identity token! How is it possible that he would leave such an important thing to you??”

The Elders all cried out in surprise .

“This . . This really is the identity token of a ninth ranked Pill Master!”

“Divine Doctor Liu actually passed his identity token to her!”

“Heavens, what on earth was Divine Doctor Liu thinking about? Such an important thing such as the identity token, not to mention fiancee, even if they are a married couple, surely he should not just pass this to anyone right??”

“Divine Doctor Liu actually trusts her this much??”

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Feng Zhensheng took a while before he regained his senses and his expression turned extremely stiff .

“You… . is this really handed over personally by Divine Doctor Liu?”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Could this even be fake? If he didn’t give this to me, could it even be possible for me to steal this from him?”

Feng Zhensheng still refused to believe it, “But all the authority that a Pill Master has in the Guild, are all based on the token . With this token, it is equivalent to you holding on the authoritative power of a ninth ranked Pill Master and you can casually use Divine Doctor Liu’s existing ninth levelled medicinal pills stored in the warehouse, or even use the name of a ninth ranked Pill Master to order those top exponents who swore their loyalty towards him! This is equivalent to handing over his entire fortune to you! You… . how could this be possible?”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli was shocked as well .

After she regained consciousness, from the very first time she went out on a leisurely walk alone, Liu Buyan had already passed this identity token to her, instructing her to keep it properly .

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She had always assumed that this thing could guarantee her safety and never had she once thought that this token actually had so many important uses!

Liu Buyan really trusted her very much . Although they have yet to get married, he had already passed all his fortunes over to her .

Looked like it really was just as what Liu Buyan said earlier .

Before she lost her memories, the both of them were a loving couple?