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Chapter 1925
Chapter 1925: Acting like a fool (1)

The gazes which the Elders present had all changed .

Although initially they knew Huang Yueli was Liu Buyan’s fiancée, but due to her age and innate talent, although she had excessively pretty looks, many of them automatically slighted her at first impression .

Somehow they felt that Liu Buyan was momentarily smitten by her beauty and there was no way that he would possibly fall in love with her . Sooner or later, she would be ditched by Liu Buyan .

But now, looking at Liu Buyan’s identity token in her hands, the Elders had no choice but to re-evaluate her position in Liu Buyan’s heart .

Everyone thought of the same question at the same time: If they casually punished the young lady whom Liu Buyan had placed his entire stakes onto, would he be incomparably furious when he returned! Perhaps… he might even disassociate himself with the Alchemist Guild?

Feng Zhensheng naturally thought of this, so his expression was even uglier than a ghost .

He spoke gloomily, “No wonder you act in such an arrogant and despotic way, even daring to do such a malicious thing! So… . you really are relying on Divine Doctor Liu, having no fear at all!”

With Liu Buyan’s identity and status, even if he really intentionally hurt a young Pill Master’s fingers, there was nothing that anyone could do to him .

Now that Huang Yueli had his identity token on her, she enjoyed the same kind of privileges as him and that meant that Feng Zhensheng could not possibly punish her, nor could he quell the anger on Feng Xiaoyan’s behalf!

How would he not feel defeated and melancholic?

“Very well, you’re tough! But don’t think that this matter is over yet! When Divine Doctor Liu comes back, This President will definitely make him give me an explanation!”

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Feng Zhensheng had no choice but to admit defeat due to Liu Buyan’s reputation and prestige .

Behind the screen, Feng Xiaoyan’s loud cries and wails could be heard . “Father, Father! How can we possibly forget about it like this? How can we let off that wret… . Bai Ruoli? She caused me to be in so much misery, I feel so miserable… . . we must make her pay the price for it!”

Feng Zhensheng was feeling frustrated by her crying so he could only think of ways to placate her .

“Yan’er, don’t worry, father will not let this go easily! But since she’s the woman who Diving Doctor Liu fancies, Father cannot consider for the Alchemist Guild . This matter, let’s wait until Divine Doctor Liu’s return before we discuss further . Since this incident is caused by his fiancée, he will definitely be responsible for the treatment of your fingers . ”

“No, no way! We can’t wait for Divine Doctor Liu to return, I want her to be punished right now!” Feng Xiaoyan cried as she said that .

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“But, this… . ”

Feng Xiaoyan was already being unreasonable but everyone present was sympathetic to the misfortune of the injury on her fingers so no one dared to say anything . Instead, they all shot their denunciation gazes towards Huang Yueli .

When Huang Yueli saw that, she couldn’t help but strode up as she walked towards the screen and with her right hand, she pushed the screen so hard that it fell onto one side .

Feng Xiaoyan was originally lying behind the screen on a sofa and relying on the fact that no one was able to see her, she totally didn’t bother to put on a veil to cover herself . Moreover she was crying and shouting with her face filled with tears and snot, which was extremely an unsightly state .

She had not expected Huang Yueli to suddenly walk over, pulling away the screen which was blocking between herself and the crowd, exposing her entirely in front of the crowd .

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Momentarily, Feng Xiaoyan’s ugly burn scars and sinister expression all fell into the crowd’s eyes .

Everyone gave off an astonished expression .

It was at this moment when Feng Xiaoyan reacted .