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Chapter 1923: You’re actually such a person! (4)
Chapter 1923: You’re actually such a person! (4)

The guard by the side was nodding his head repeatedly, as he echoed what she said, and added even more oil to the flames .

“That’s right, Young Miss Bai is simply too much! Young Missy Feng had already tolerated her for a long time but she still went on relentlessly! Later on Young Missy Feng couldn’t take it and resisted back but Young Miss Bai didn’t have any cultivation so naturally she couldn’t beat her . It was then when her embarrassment turned into fury as she said that she will burn down the Books Depository! Not too long after that, it really caught fire!”

The young lady also added in, “Young Miss Bai, I originally respect you very much, thinking that you’re Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee so you must be a lady with both looks and ability! Whoever knew that you’re actually this kind of person! Senior Sister Feng treats you with respect but you caused her so much harm that she’s no longer able to refine pills, you… how could you be so vicious?”

“To a Pill Master, the most important part of us are the fingers, you’ve ruined her for life!”

Her last question was bitter and hateful, and was extremely sinister, as she intentionally caused an uproar among all the Pill Masters present .

Not only that, when the young lady’s voice had just ended, a teary voice sounded from behind the screen right at the back of the main hall .

It was until now that everyone realised that Feng Xiaoyan herself was hiding behind the screen and moreover she couldn’t help but cried when she thought about the matter which made her upset .

Originally, the Elders were still not totally convinced and unclear on what exactly happened .

But everyone all leaned towards believing the weak . Feng Xiaoyan put on such a pitiful stance, and plus the fact that the Elders were able to understand the pain of losing the use of their fingers, they naturally chose to believe Feng Xiaoyan subconsciously .

For a moment in time, the crowd was agitated as all the Elders started to blow their tempers .

“This really is… too much! This young lass, relying on the fact that she is Liu Buyan’s fiancee, she doesn’t put the Alchemist Guild in her eyes at all! How dare she even create such trouble like this?”

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“Young Miss Feng merely secretly admires Divine Doctor Liu, what has it done to her? Does she need to be so petty to such an extent?”

“It’s already very comical when young ladies fight with another out of jealousy but upon disagreement, setting fire to harm others . . This simply is… too terrifying, too vicious!”

“Why would Divine Doctor Liu like such a woman? This is simply the biggest faulty stroke in his lifetime!”

“This matter is simply too vile, we absolutely can’t let it rest like this! Even if Bai Ruoli was Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee, we cannot let her off!”

“That’s right, we must punish her severely! We haven’t had such a scandal in the Alchemist Guild for so many years! This is simply unheard of!”

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“I support punishing Bai Ruoli severely!”

Some Pill Masters who were slightly more righteous all cried out to urge Feng Zhensheng to capture Huang Yueli .

Although the remaining majority didn’t say much, they were all bearing ugly expressions on their faces .

They maintained their silence, mostly because of Liu Buyan’s sake, as they didn’t want to go against him but in their hearts, they were feeling contempt over Huang Yueli’s dealings!

When Feng Zhensheng heard his daughter crying, the rage in his heart rose to the highest point .

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Thinking that his daughter’s fingers might possibly not be cured, then she would not be able to refine pills in future . Her pill refining innate talent was so high and this to her, was a great hit!

Feng Zhensheng almost couldn’t help but fly into a rage .

But he was after all the President as he forcibly suppressed his own emotions and gritted his teeth as he said, “Now that there is hard evidence, what else do you have to say? Setting fire to destroy the Books Depository and resulting in a Pill Master being seriously injured, this originally is a death penalty! But on account of Divine Doctor Liu’s face… men, lock her up!”